Experiencing Wine

  1. Enhance the Sipping Experience With Quality Aerators and Pourers​

    Wine should never move directly from bottle to glass. To maximize its flavor, aroma, body and beyond, invest in quality wine aerators or wine pourers. Among the many other available decanting tools, these treasures are sure to provide an unforgettable wine tasting experience.

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  2. Need a Charming Old-World Upgrade? Wine Jails Are the Answer

    For the past few seasons, interior designers are all about rustic charm. White washed stone, barn doors and countless reclaimed furniture can be seen from coast to coast. Luckily, wine lovers can embrace this elegant trend by bringing a touch of old-world style to their home with a gorgeous wine jail. Read on to find out why these sensational storage solutions are a perfect fit for your contemporary country escape.

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  3. Display Your Favorite Bottled Treasures With Tabletop Wine Racks

    The hallmark of a great party is a nice bar selection. It’s always disappointing when you arrive at a friendly gathering to find your favorite spirit missing. And for folks who know their wine, it’s imperative that you give them a wide variety of reds and whites to choose from. Someone who drinks chardonnay won’t always enjoy pinot grigio, just...
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  4. Fall into Autumn With New Wine Accessory Trends

    Changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and the return of everything pumpkin is enough to get anyone excited about the fall season. But for Carolina wine lovers, this time of year is incredibly special as we transition back to the mild weather that suits a leisurely trip to your local winery. As you embrace all things vino this autumn, here are the...
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  5. Hosting 101: Get Insulated Beverage Tubs

    There’s nothing worse than a warm wine or a hot beer. So when you’re gathering friends and family for a cocktail party, barbecue or similar event, be prepared and ready with plenty of insulated beverage tubs to keep the party going. From tabletop buckets and coolers to standing totes and outdoor troughs, check out these super chill options for serving up icy cold drinks to your appreciative guests.

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  6. Wine Cooler Cabinet Furniture: A Chill Addition to Your Home Bar Setup

    Having a dedicated wine fridge is a true luxury if you’re a serious oenophile. It’s such a great feeling being able to pop open a crisp, cooled bottle of white or red whenever the craving comes. Still, clunky mini fridges can be unsightly in a formal dining room, living room, or gourmet kitchen. If you want to keep your wine...
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  7. Need More Wine Space? Modular Wine Rack Systems Are the Answer

    Do you get the sense that your wine collection is outgrowing your home? Even with a dedicated space, avid collectors run into this problem all the time. It’s hard enough organizing your precious bottles by year, variety, region, and more. Add the issue of space, and it’s nearly impossible to keep your hobby under control.

    If you’re hoping to de-clutter your home this year (starting with your wine collection), consider some of these smart storage solutions using modular wine rack systems. Units that house a ton of bottles offer ultimate versatility in any sized home.

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  8. Good at Geography? You’ll Be Even Better When Wine’s Involved

    Art trends come and go so quickly in the world of interior design. That’s why it’s nice to find a piece that you not only love but that also stays relevant regardless of time and place. Luckily, we’ve found a really cool kind of functional art that pays homage to your favorite pastime—drinking wine!

    Unique wine region maps make amazing focal points in a living room, wine cellar, kitchen, dining room, or really any area you like to gather and sip on a delectable red or white. Each meticulously crafted poster or canvas displays the ultra-accurate image of your favorite wine country or region. For a perfect gift or anytime treat for yourself, check out these ideas for enriching your life with beautiful vineyard and wine art. Continue reading

  9. Ever wish you could be a world-class sommelier? We’ve found a way…

    Unlike other spirits, wine is infinitely complex and always changing. Every last variety, blend, or bottle is different, and that’s what makes this hobby so rewarding. If you’ve ever wondered how sommeliers manage to master all the intricate aromas and descriptors of wine, then you’re not alone. Most of us think that attaining years of education and experience is the only way to analyze wine like a professional. But now, there’s a way to expand your knowledge with the help of wine aroma kits. Read on for more on this novel way of experiencing our favorite cocktail. Continue reading

  10. Want Rustic Chic? Wine Barrel Furniture Brings Unexpected Elegance to Any Space

    Wine lovers find a way to incorporate their favorite beverage into all aspects of their lives. In fact, the various décor associated with wine country offers instant appeal for oenophiles looking for a touch of elegance in their homes. From the dining room to the kitchen, living room to patio bar, quality wine barrel furniture brings a unique spin on the traditional cocktail setup. Here are some awesome ideas for integrating gorgeous oak barrel accessories and furnishings into your modern space. Continue reading

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