The Best Wine Bags and Luggage for Wine Salespeople

Whether you’re a professional wine sales rep or an avid collector, investing in quality wine luggage is an absolute must. Think of it this way: you spend so much time, money, energy and passion learning about the wine you sell. You prepare extensively in hopes of landing the big account. So would you walk into a restaurant or bar with a lousy backpack or cooler? A brown paper bag? The point is, image is everything, not to mention the safety of your precious bottles.

To project a professional image and tote your wine in style, here are some of the many options you have to choose from. By purchasing some quality wine suitcases for your salespeople, you’ll see sales skyrocket in no time.



How can I carry wine like a seasoned sales pro?

To demonstrate your expertise and experience, a rolling wine carrier draws buyers’ attention before you can even say hello. Instead of grabbing a random selection from a messy sack, the act of pulling a bottle from the safety of its insulated slot shows clients your appreciation for its exquisite quality. In order to really seal the deal, having a piece of wine luggage with corporate logo also sends a powerful message. This personalized touch exudes professionalism, giving credence to your winery’s renowned name. Luckily, you can buy an entire set of custom 6-bottle wine carriers for your entire fleet of sales reps.




Can I use my wine luggage outside of regular business hours?

The most wonderful thing about a quality wine bottle carrier is its incredible versatility. Whether you’re buying a set for your sales reps, esteemed employees, or clients, an insulated rolling wine bag is universally useful. When it’s not filled with your perfectly positioned bottles, feel free to use it to pack a lunch or carry other beverages. Each piece’s retractable handle, smooth rolling wheels, and ideal organizational features have you covered in any situation. You can also give a wine bottle luggage gift to anyone who enjoys traveling across the country in search of that elusive white or red.




What can my wine bag carry besides wine?

Although wine luggage is clearly made with vino in mind, they’re also designed for the consummate professional. That means that a serious sales rep can take advantage of its many pockets and pouches to carry his or her work accessories. From pens, paper and business cards to brochures, keys and a smartphone, you can take everything with you in a wine cooler on wheels. If you’d like to provide employees with an all-in-one starter set, pack up their personalized wine luggage with all the company materials they need to start selling.





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