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January 17, 2017

Need More Wine Space? Modular Wine Rack Systems Are the Answer

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Do you get the sense that your wine collection is outgrowing your home? Even with a dedicated space, avid collectors run into this problem all the time. It’s hard enough organizing your precious bottles by year, variety, region, and more. Add the issue of space, and it’s nearly impossible to keep your hobby under control.

If you’re hoping to de-clutter your home this year (starting with your wine collection), consider some of these smart storage solutions using modular wine rack systems. Units that house a ton of bottles offer ultimate versatility in any sized home.




How can I store wine bottles in a tiny space?

You don’t have to cut back on collecting when you face the problem of space. Remember that any room—regardless of its square footage—has plenty of vertical space. By using a stackable wine rack system that’s narrow, you’ll take up hardly any footprint while still managing to organize tens of bottles. Premium units also integrate handy stemware racks and a gorgeous walnut finish to match your existing décor. While there are plenty of options, a cube style rack is ideal for a discreet corner or some other unused space in the dining room, kitchen, or living room.




What if I need to store over a hundred bottles of wine?

If you’re as enthusiastic about wine as we are, then we know that volume is another pesky problem. Even with a large rack system, there aren’t always enough slots to handle a collection that goes beyond the 50-bottle mark. Luckily, you can find jumbo wine rack systems featuring a unique bin formation. Without individual slots, the X style organizer lets you stack up to 16 bottles in a section. The square-shaped piece mounts easily against any wall and holds up to a maximum 120 bottles!




I still want to display my wine. What system will work best?

Some modular systems are more about practicality than presentation. If you still want to pay homage to your beautiful bottles, consider a freestanding piece of modular wine rack furniture that clearly displays your collection to the world. With six levels of shelving and individual slots perfectly angled to preserve your goods, an island-style unit is a great solution for both storage and exhibition. Instead of pulling out a bottle blindly, it’s great being able to see its name and original artwork. Best of all, a large modular display rack can hold up to 144 bottles.




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