Art trends come and go so quickly in the world of interior design. That’s why it’s nice to find a piece that you not only love but that also stays relevant regardless of time and place. Luckily, we’ve found a really cool kind of functional art that pays homage to your favorite pastime—drinking wine!

Unique wine region maps make amazing focal points in a living room, wine cellar, kitchen, dining room, or really any area you like to gather and sip on a delectable red or white. Each meticulously crafted poster or canvas displays the ultra-accurate image of your favorite wine country or region. For a perfect gift or anytime treat for yourself, check out these ideas for enriching your life with beautiful vineyard and wine art.




Which countries will I find in the wine art collection?

You’ll find mostly every major region represented, although we’ve singled out a few that are absolutely amazing in their detail and design. For those looking to accumulate a small collection of popular countries, start with a romantic rendezvous abroad with a gorgeous wine regions of France map. Printed on quality heirloom canvas for your viewing pleasure, you’ll appreciate its amazing textural and colorful detail. Similar styles include an Italy wine map, wine of Spain wall art, and even a high-resolution South Australia wine region map.




Can I decorate with the wine regions of California?

If you love vacationing in California (or call the state your home), there are tons of gorgeous gallery works to commemorate this prolific wine state. A Napa Valley wine country map shows every last detail of the famous region in stunning color and shaded relief. Rendered on quality canvas, these artworks are large enough to display above a mantle, on a central wall, or over your bed in the master. You can find the same exceptional quality in another West Coast hotspot with a Sonoma County wine map.




What’s the perfect piece of wine art for a gift?

If you know a friend or family member who loves wine, but you’re not exactly sure “where” they drink it from, worry not. You’ll find a few lovely canvases representing a much wider geographical area. For instance, a wine map of Western Europe encompasses multiple countries that they’ll love observing in immaculate detail. Want a unique piece you know they won’t have? A rare German wine region on canvas also promises an unexpected holiday or birthday gift. No matter your choice, sleep easy knowing you've went above and beyond!