Need a Charming Old-World Upgrade? Wine Jails Are the Answer

For the past few seasons, interior designers are all about rustic charm. White washed stone, barn doors and countless reclaimed furniture can be seen from coast to coast. Luckily, wine lovers can embrace this elegant trend by bringing a touch of old-world style to their home with a gorgeous wine jail. Read on to find out why these sensational storage solutions are a perfect fit for your contemporary country escape.

How can I bring a rustic theme to my home wine cellar?

Whether you have a traditional cellar or want to transform a regular room into a dedicated wine space, additional storage is always a god-send. Achieve  amazing shabby chic style by placing a wrought iron wine jail against the wall of the room. With its exquisite ornamental detail and whimsical garden-like silhouette, guests and family can’t help but notice your eye for classic antique style.

What’s the perfect piece for my rustic living room?

Maybe you recently purchased a reclaimed wine barrel coffee table to suit your rural style. It fits well with your existing barn motif, including your canvas sofa and chic wooden chairs. For wine storage, think of something similar. Instead of a large, bulky piece of modern furniture, continue the quaint, homely theme with a beautiful antiqued steel wine jail. You can find units built vertically and horizontally, which gives you plenty of options for display. Best of all, you can personalize the room’s look by adorning the jail’s front with a monogram or your family’s initial.

What makes a wine jail so perfectly shabby chic?

Folks who aren’t familiar with design may wonder: what exactly constitutes “rustic charm”? Well, the answer is hard to pinpoint. But take one look at a spectacular vintage inspired wine jail, and you’ll understand instantly. Each piece’s wonderfully ornate ironwork, gorgeous wood accents, curious skeleton keys and other features capture the fantasy and warmth of country living. So whether you’re looking to store your pinot, chardonnay, merlot or cabernet, give them a safe, sound home where they can mature in classy style!

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