Unlike other spirits, wine is infinitely complex and always changing. Every last variety, blend, or bottle is different, and that’s what makes this hobby so rewarding. If you’ve ever wondered how sommeliers manage to master all the intricate aromas and descriptors of wine, then you’re not alone. Most of us think that attaining years of education and experience is the only way to analyze wine like a professional. But now, there’s a way to expand your knowledge with the help of wine aroma kits. Read on for more on this novel way of experiencing our favorite cocktail.




What exactly is a wine aroma kit?

These quality wine aroma collections typically arrive in a handsome case and contain anywhere from a handful of essences up to a total of 60 individual vials. Each bottle contains a distinct aroma or “note” found in most red and white varieties. From essences of various fruit and food to florals, spices, and beyond, users practice their smell recognition by sniffing each vial and reading about it in the accompanying manual. As they build their repertoire, amateurs can then eventually pick up on those notes when they smell the real thing.




Who can use a wine education kit?

Although these kits are a go-to for budding sommeliers, they’re an amazing gift idea for anyone who enjoys collecting or drinking wine. The Pulltex brand offers a nice 40 piece wine aroma starter kit with flasks containing a variety of popular and complex aromas. If you like entertaining guests at your home on the weekend, imagine their reactions when you bring out this educational toy! It’s a great conversation starter that brings people together for a fun—but satisfying—learning experience.




Are there any smaller starter packs?

If you want to learn the sommelier way but aren’t ready to invest in a large case, you have some other options as well (even though the full cases are really amazing!). Choose a Pulltex red wine essences collection with 12 introductory aromas. This number is more than manageable for those who feel they’re not quite ready to take on every complex essence. You’ll still receive the same educational experience, but just on a smaller scale. Best of all, these sets make great stocking stuffers or a nice birthday gift for the casual drinker.