Fall into Autumn With New Wine Accessory Trends

Changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and the return of everything pumpkin is enough to get anyone excited about the fall season. But for Carolina wine lovers, this time of year is incredibly special as we transition back to the mild weather that suits a leisurely trip to your local winery. As you embrace all things vino this autumn, here are the latest items and gifts trending in 2016.





What are some of the hot items wine lovers are purchasing?

Wine enthusiasts enjoy integrating fall’s fashion trends with their wine obsession. For weekend date nights or a friendly get-together with neighbors, savvy wine drinkers are investing in quality wine bottle carriers to safely tote their red and white treasures. Top selling models include stunning 2-bottle leather carrying bags in black or tan to match typical autumn clothing. For larger events, many couples are also traveling with attractive wine luggage, which can accommodate as many as 12 bottles at a time.





If I’m starting a wine collection, what are the wine accessory basics?

For those just discovering their love for wine, there are plenty of items you should have as the basis for the hobby. To start, many wine enthusiasts put so much time, money and energy into expanding their palates. Keep track of your wine-drinking journey with a quality wine journal. These gorgeous books help you keep a record of the names of your favorite wines, vineyard locations you’ve visited, and more. You can even collect labels from your favorite varieties with wine label removers.





What are the most recent home trends in the wine world?

If you’re looking for items to decorate your home, many keen Carolina collectors are extending their wine décor well beyond their cellars. A unique wine barrel lazy susan makes a truly remarkable serving platter for your dining room or coffee table. Each piece is completely customizable, so you can add a family or individual name for a lovely gift. Another piece of artful décor is a personalized barrel head clock, which is hand painted and customizable with your choice of wood finish. It’s both functional and shabby chic, which fits well with other recent rustic furniture trends. For instance, repurposed wine stave stools have made a huge splash in the wine-collecting world as of late. You see them in lots of enthusiasts’ home kitchens and bars.



What are some must have gifts for a wine enthusiast?

Whether they’re a total novice or a seasoned connoisseur, a wine aerator always brings a whole new dimension to the wine sipping experience. By helping the liquid breathe and letting its flavors expand, even an inexpensive filter makes for a unique must-have gift. Having dealt with wine lovers for a long time, we also recommend a stemless aerating glass. The “all-in-one” aspect tends to surprise even the most experienced oenophiles.

Finally, if you’re going for the true “wow” factor, why not help your friend or family member make his or her own bottle? A genuine oak barrel wine making kit lets adventurous drinkers concoct their very own variety from home. It’s not only original and thoughtful, but also a present they’ll enjoy for many seasons to come.



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