Display Your Favorite Bottled Treasures With Tabletop Wine Racks

The hallmark of a great party is a nice bar selection. It’s always disappointing when you arrive at a friendly gathering to find your favorite spirit missing. And for folks who know their wine, it’s imperative that you give them a wide variety of reds and whites to choose from. Someone who drinks chardonnay won’t always enjoy pinot grigio, just as a cab lover won’t tolerate a merlot. To avoid this cocktail conundrum, you want to consider creating a tabletop setup housing a few bottles for guests to choose from. Even if you have a few bottles left over, decorating with a quality tabletop wine rack makes a lovely display all year long.



How many wine bottles will a tabletop wine rack hold?

Unlike your massive wine jails and wine cellar shelving, a tabletop wine bottle holder is much more modest in its capacity. Still, you’re sure to find something to accommodate a decent stock of your favorite reds and whites. For instance, a discreet wrought iron wine rack can easily hold 10 bottles, but the best part is that it hardly takes up room on your countertop or kitchen table. You’ll also find stackable wine racks that hold 12 bottles each in a cubby like formation. These cube-shaped wooden containers pile nicely in a corner of your kitchen counter, on a dining room hutch, or really anywhere you need to display a few bottles.



Are there any unique tabletop wine racks?

If “special” is your specialty, consider a unit that’s a bit more modern and interesting in its design. A quality wine rack should serve as a stunning art installation just as much as it serves its practical purpose. Try a trellis wine bottle display rack, which holds 7 vessels neatly in a row. Comprised of recycled wine barrel staves, these beautiful wooden racks come in a variety of finishes for your decorating pleasure. Are you a fan of the popular steampunk movement? You’ll also find a cool gears and wheels wine bottle rack that fits 6 bottles in a totally contemporary fashion.



What’s a nice wine rack gift for a wine-loving friend?

For a really thoughtful gift, cater to their interests and hobbies—and we’re not just talking wine! An amazing snow ski wine rack is constructed with old ski equipment and displays their wine with a touch of whimsy. Bring a rustic touch to your birthday or holiday gesture with a 6-bottle horseshoe wine rack, which is just as charming. Nestled atop a nice coffee table, end table, or cabinet, this marvelous piece pays homage to their love for all things country. Rest assured there’s something fit for everyone’s interests.





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