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  1. Preserve Your Tasting Journey With Awesome Wine Label Lifts

    wine-gifts-wine-tasting-pocket-journal-franmara-sku2945-35Wine enthusiasts love the thrill of the chase. We search for that rare bottle of red or white delight, but once it’s enjoyed, the memory lingers quickly into the past. Don’t you wish there was a way to always keep a special piece of your tasting experience? Special retailers now offer an innovative product designed to bring out the scrapbooking guru—and wine lover—in all of us. Check out all there is to know about these incredible wine label lift accessories.

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  2. How to Plan the Wine Vacation of a Lifetime

    Couples who are passionate about wine find ways to celebrate their hobby every day of the year. But for those who are truly serious about their love of vino, collecting and sipping varieties from local vineyards isn’t enough.

    If you want to expand your wine horizons and experience the world’s greatest reds and whites, plan the trip of a lifetime with a wine vacation. Here’s all you need to know to get your adventure off the ground.

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  3. Wine Luggage for Airplane Travel

    Okay, you are a devoted vinophile thwarted at every turn by air travel. Securing just a couple of bottles in your check-in luggage is an iffy undertaking that will eventually leave you asking yourself what goes best with my wine soaked socks, red or white? The NEW VinGarde Valise 02 will get your bottles to your final destination as packed

    VinGarde Valise 02 - Wine Bag Air Travel

    app_images-resizable-9cd914a0-09a6-4cea-b933-d94755953174-wine+travel+(4)The VinGarde Valise 02 is airport luggage for your valuable vino. Designed in the vein of high tech equipment baggage these sharp looking wine carriers have a virtually indestructible outer shell; at the same time customizable foam molds protectively cradle each bottle on the inside. Best of all, this securely locking carrier holds a case of 750 ml bottles and still weighs-in under 50 lbs. Continue reading

  4. Glass of Vinifera Anyone?

    You may think a grape is just a grape, but all are definitely not created equal. When it comes to the glass of wine in your hand, whether red or white, it has most likely been produced from a species of grape called vitis vinifera. Native to the Mediterranean region, these grapes are now grown all over the world.



    The first accounts of wine being made from grapes date back thousands of years to the Sumerians. By the time of the ancient Greeks, wine was a common beverage. Thanks to Greek trade all over the Mediterranean, wine soon spread.  The rise of the Romans saw grape-growing flourish in many parts of their empire, particularly Spain and Portugal.


    Grape production eventually spread outside of Europe in much the same way. Spanish colonists discovered ideal climates in Argentina and Chile for vinifera grapes and in the 17th century it was Spanish missionaries who planted the first vineyards in California. England has never had a climate suitable for grape growing but by the late 19th century, grapes were thriving in several of its colonies including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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  5. NC Wineries - Quality Wine & Great Tourist Destinations

    Quality Wine and Great Tourist Destinations Can Be Found All Across The Old North State Looking for a fun day trip? Why not visit one of the more than 100 wineries located across the state of North Carolina? No matter where you’re located in the state –or even if you’re in neighboring Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia or Tennessee- chances are...
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  6. Barrel Factory Tour & Tasting at Bourassa Vineyards, Napa Valley

    Our highest recommendation goes out to Bourassa Vineyards of Napa Valley. Their impressive tasting room is exactly what I’d imagine a tasting to be.  It stands out with a posh and cozy atmosphere so inviting you'll want to reschedule your entire day's events. Wine maker Vic Bourassa has a huge part in this. His love and passion for wine as...
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  7. Wine Tasting in Sonoma, Tour 1

    With over 250 wineries and 13 appellations in Sonoma County, planning a wine tasting tour can be overwhelming.  Sonoma is diverse with varietals including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Syrah. Alexander Valley Wineries, Healdsburg With so many varietals and appellations here are a few suggestions for planning a Sonoma tasting tour.  Choose an appellation, select...
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  8. Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival 2011

    It's almost that time of year again for the spectacular Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival at the Lake Skinner Recreational Area in Winchester, CA.   Last year's festival was so much fun that we are giving those folks our most sincere endorsement. Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival The excitement begins before you even enter the festival as you approach...
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  9. Vitae Springs Vineyard, Oregon Wine Tasting

    Today's focus will be on the wineries of Dundee Hills. But before we visit this sub-appellation within the Willamette Valley, we'll stop by another winery that's top on our list!  We stopped by their picturesque vineyard on a Friday and were disappointed to find them closed during the day.  This is common for wineries in this area.  Be sure to...
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  10. The Best Pinots! Oregon Wine Country

    My first trip to Oregon and all I could think about was tasting this regions well known Pinot Noirs.  However, I kept thinking to myself; is it going to rain during our entire visit?  Will the vines look different?  Will the wineries serve out of Pinot Noir glasses?  And most importantly—will the wine taste good? We’ve been looking forward  to...
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