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October 20, 2016

Preserve Your Tasting Journey With Awesome Wine Label Lifts

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wine-gifts-wine-tasting-pocket-journal-franmara-sku2945-35Wine enthusiasts love the thrill of the chase. We search for that rare bottle of red or white delight, but once it’s enjoyed, the memory lingers quickly into the past. Don’t you wish there was a way to always keep a special piece of your tasting experience? Special retailers now offer an innovative product designed to bring out the scrapbooking guru—and wine lover—in all of us. Check out all there is to know about these incredible wine label lift accessories.





How can I save my wine labels?

wine-gifts-wine-label-removers-50-pack-of-label-lifts-oenophilia-170-34If you love the distinct art on all your bottled wine, there’s no need to keep the bulky glass vessels. A wine label remover kit helps you lift the sticky label right from its seemingly permanent spot. An individual set comes ready with 10, 25, 50 and other increments of sheets to accommodate your diverse collection. Then, all you need is a fresh scrapbook, notebook, or special wine journal to display your treasures.





How does a wine label remover work?

wine-gifts-wine-label-removers-25-pack-of-label-lifts-oenophilia-2140-36It’s really very simple. You apply a unique label removing sticker to the bottle’s tag, press down firmly, and let sit overnight. Once it’s had time to penetrate the colorful label, you peel up the sheet, and the wine bottle’s label comes with it! From there, you can start planning your decorative winery tour passport book.





What are some ideas for displaying my wine labels?

wine-gifts-vintage-wine-journal-eccolo-p915-38Oenophiles love assembling their conquered labels in pretty books that’ll last the ages. Consider a faux leather journal or vintage wine book with stunning cover scenery featuring the Tuscan countryside. Some even come ready with a label lifter starter kit so you have all you need to start your craft project. Carefully lift the wine label remover from the bottle, then press the sticky side down on a page in your journal. The image transfers perfectly with all the vivid color and sharp detail of the original. The difference is, you’ve now got an amazing scrapbook or memory book to sit on your coffee table!





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