Okay, you are a devoted vinophile thwarted at every turn by air travel. Securing just a couple of bottles in your check-in luggage is an iffy undertaking that will eventually leave you asking yourself what goes best with my wine soaked socks, red or white? The NEW VinGarde Valise 02 will get your bottles to your final destination as packed

VinGarde Valise 02 - Wine Bag Air Travel

app_images-resizable-9cd914a0-09a6-4cea-b933-d94755953174-wine+travel+(4)The VinGarde Valise 02 is airport luggage for your valuable vino. Designed in the vein of high tech equipment baggage these sharp looking wine carriers have a virtually indestructible outer shell; at the same time customizable foam molds protectively cradle each bottle on the inside. Best of all, this securely locking carrier holds a case of 750 ml bottles and still weighs-in under 50 lbs.

Luggage wheels are sometimes damaged by baggage handler’s hatred of checked-in luggage. The VinGarde 02 design team planned for this and created an easily removable wheel assembly. In addition to a 100% polycarbonate shell, high quality zippers, wheels, and handles, this easy to care for case features heavy-duty corner guards and its insulation will maintain a bottle’s temperature for up to three days.

The VinGarde Valise makers listen to their user’s wants and needs when it comes to wine bags for airplane travel. This, combined with high construction standards, make these suitcase style beverage carriers a must see if you want to travel with some of your favorite samplings.

wine_suitcase_7_2048x2048Wine bag air travel is available in dark grey, or silver, the wine valise dimensions are 17.7″ x 11.8 x 26″ (includes wheels) [45 x 30 x 66cm]. It weighs a mere 12.5 lbs. empty and includes all the features you have come to expect from well-made airport luggage.

If you are not carrying a full case of wine the valise’s inserts allow you to configure the left over space for wine accessories, delicate electronics, or just more storage for clothing.