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September 22, 2016

How to Open a Bottle of Wine Properly

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wine-gifts-le-creuset-foil-cutter-le-creuset-sku4119-36Expert sommeliers—as well as avid wine drinkers—know the importance of strategy when opening up a corked bottle of wine. There are so many factors that come together to complicate this age-old ritual. That’s why utilizing the proper instruments and tactics is super important. With some smart methodology, you’ll never worry about foil cuts or breaking the cork again.



What should I do first when opening up a wine bottle?

Everyone loves to dive right in and pop that pesky cork. But before you can pour, you want to deal with the wine bottle’s foil wrap before anything. This material can be extraordinarily sharp and tends to cut your fingers when you rush to use the corkscrew. First, use a premium foil cutter to cut a clean, even line across the bottle’s neck. This makes it easier to peel back the protective layer before uncorking. If your corkscrew doesn’t have a built-in foil cutter, opt for a foil cutter tool for a fine cut.





How can I remove a cork without it breaking?

If the red or white was stored improperly or the user
becomes too rough, it’s possible for cork sediment—or the entire piece—to fall into the bottle, contaminating your fresh wine. Once you remove the foil, carefully insert a winding corkscrew straight down the center of the cork. Now, this is the part you need to practice. Depending on the type of tool you’re using, you need a good grip on the neck/lip of the bottle so that the cork pops out neatly. Find that sweet spot, then go ahead and lift. Now, if you prefer a manual corkscrew like the kind waiters keep on hand, the strategy is roughly the same. In this case, the top lever must meet the edge of the bottle’s neck for ideal leverage.





What if I’m terrible at opening wine bottles?

Worry not! Premium shops carry so many sophisticated models that practically do the hard work for you. For instance, a wine opener preserver set includes an amazing vacuum pump with an easy corkscrew on the other end. The all-in-one system requires some skill, but once you have the hang of it, you’ll enjoy its comprehensive features. Actually, this cartridge wine opener is probably the easiest option, letting you push in the corkscrew and press a simple button for instant opening!



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