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July 14, 2016

Vino Lovers Rejoice: Not a Margarita…But a Wine-a-Rita!

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1111Wine drinkers hate toasting goodbye to their favorite white or red variety come summer time. Sadly, a full-bodied blend simply can’t provide the cooling relief we need. When the hot sun beats down on our backyard barbecues, what we really crave is a cold, refreshing sip of a frozen drink.

Don’t you wish there was a way to enjoy your beloved Bordeaux without turning into a sweaty mess?

Well, it just so happens wine lovers are in luck. A genius brand known as “Wine-a-Rita” recently launched a full line of frozen wine mixes that are not only easy to make—they’re absolutely delicious.



How can I make a wine margarita?

mixShort of tossing a few ice cubes in their pinot grigio or chardonnay, most wine enthusiasts rarely attempt to transform their white or red into a true summer cocktail. With a pack of Wine Glacé by Wine-a-Rita, anyone can convert his or her usual bottle of choice into a huge pitcher of vino margarita! All you need are three ingredients: ice, wine, and the secret ingredients of Wine Glacé. You’ll also need a blender to swirl it all together.



What are Wine-a-Rita’s flavors?

mixupThe best part of the Wine Glacé product is that it’s compatible with every single wine you can imagine. For an incredibly brisk, light frozen creation, mix in a white zinfandel or sauvignon blanc. But if your guests want rich flavor with a cool finish, go for a merlot, cabernet, or pinot noir. The brand also offers easy frozen drink mixes to craft other classic summer beverages. Keep your frozen drinks cool with our collection of wine chillers!



On what occasion might I serve a Wine-a-Rita?

2222Although frozen cocktails always go good in the sun, you can drink these delicious icy blends every single day of the year. Many couples are incorporating Wine Glacé into their outdoor weddings for a refreshing signature drink. Since it’s endlessly customizable, you can also whip up a specialty beverage around the holidays. Mix in cranberries at Christmas time, or for a 4th of July treat, blueberries will do you wonders. Best of all, nearly every variety of wine retains its wonderful traits with an icy twist.



Stay cool! And shop other Wine-a-Rita products when you’re craving a frozen concoction.

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