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July 19, 2016

Plan In Advance for Wine Refrigerator Season

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It is winter. It is cold outside. Yes? The best time to put in a wine refrigeration system is when it is very cold outside so you can beat the rush season of wine refrigerator sales. Don’t procrastinate!  Order your wine refrigerator now so that you can enjoy it during the hot temperatures that are soon to come.

Let us check in with our favorite clients that live in an area where in the winter is it cold, but in the summer it is very hot.

N'FINITY PRO Wine & Beverage CenterFor example, you are a BAZILLIONAIRE that lives part-time Las Vegas. OK to be serious we do not expect to gain the attention of any bazillionaires. There are so few of them anyway, who cares? That is asking too much, but we do expect to gain the attention of wine aficionados, who know because of their breeding and education that wine must be kept, stored, and served at the proper temperature to have the best experience enjoying the taste of fine wine.

Why Store Wine in Wine Refrigerators

  • Different varieties of wine taste better when stored and served at different temperatures.
  • Deep dark-colored red wines like to be kept in cellar-like conditions.
  • Control the surrounding humidity levels

Wine Enthusiast Silent 48 Bottle Double Door Wine Refrigerator (2-Temp) (Stainless Steel Trim Door)No matter where you live, if it is freezing cold outside, or you live in the desert that is hot in January, right now is the time to plan for your wine refrigeration system.

The reason is simple; great wine is best served at the proper temperature. Plain. Simple. And delicious.

We will raise our wine glasses to this. Cheers!


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