Whether you're a wine professional or simply a person who enjoys having a great selection of fine wine, being able to securely transport your wine is extremely important. The following products provide a safe yet stylish way to travel with wine. 

 Best Wine Suitcases for Travelling


What is the Best Way to Transport Wine?

The WineCruzer 12 bottle wine suitcase with wheels is the best way to transport wine. It works for those who enjoy quality wine as well as individuals who work professionally in the wine trade. The solid black exterior provides protection from vibrations and impact. The carrier features thermal insulation with a cell foam interior. Not only are the bottles protected, but the interior of the WineCruzer keeps the bottles at placement temperature for approximately six to eight hours.





What About Air Travel?

https://www.winevineimports.com/wine-luggage-for-airplane-travel/You can rely on the WineCruzer's temperature control even at 30,000 feet. The case comes with wheels and an extendable handle for easily transporting the wine through busy airports or hotels. The WineCruzer also complies with checked baggage regulations, making it ideal for airline travel. The suitcase provides easy transportation while still adequately protecting your investment. 






What if Transporting 12 Bottles Isn't Enough?

If you're looking for a case that will transport more than 12 bottles of wine, WineCruzer has a pro wine carrier with wheels that can carry up to 24 bottles. This is the ideal suitcase for professional business as well as the wine connoisseur. The total depth of the case is 14 inches while the entire carrier is just 29 pounds when empty. This attractive wine carrier is perfect for traveling in a car, on a train, or via airplane. The insulated cell foam interior will keep your wine at the right temperature for at least six hours.





Will a Larger Case Be Difficult to Handle?

Even though the case is large, it is easy to handle. The Pro Wine Carrier 24 Pack features corrosion proof latches and hideaway handles. It's also sturdy with strong exterior walls that provide protection against thermal shock, impact, and vibration. The case is secure and will keep valuable and vintage wines safe while traveling to virtually any destination. This incredible wine carrier comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.