Every lover of wine has the desire of staying in a perfect environment where they can sit and enjoy their time while savoring the wines of their choice. The good thing is that all oenophiles can turn their homes to have the looks of fine wine bars.



Can an oenophile decorate their home, without it looking like a bar?

It is possible to turn your home into a wine bar, and all you need to do is to add one or a few items of wine bar furniture into your home. That will improve your décor and still boost the conversation piece in your house. The furniture is hand-crafted usually from re-purposed wine barrels, hence creating an environmentally friendly alternative and a special style selection for your home.





Use wine furniture

Every item utilizes wine barrel staves inform of legs and their entire barrel at the foundation. More so, wine furniture will feel good to look at and more so useful. Thus, you can get tables, seating, and cabinets of your choice to hold wine among other items. Some pieces can be built of oak barrels as they also come up with quality substances such as leather. Your guests will adore the designs particularly after holding their favorites drink. When having a party, the attendees can sit on wine barrel stools while savoring a wine glass and enjoying their gourmet cheese. Hors d’oeuvres and drinks can as well be served from a wine table or barrel cabinets.

Put wine benches, barrel stools and chairs in your rooms

They are conversational pieces, special and not found in every other home. The items will provide an elegant feel and will complete the look of your house. They are available kinds of wine barrel stools and chairs that can be utilized in various places at your home. You can put some in the kitchen and get bar stools that can fit perfectly in your smaller or big bar space. A wine barrel chair can also be used within a living room as an additional seating. If there is a patio area, you can buy a wine barrel bench.


How can you make your home bar look like a fine wine bar?

There are various means via which you can change your existing home bar into a perfect and fine wine bar. Wines need to aerate or breathe to have a wonderful taste. Apart from keeping wine accessories, you can keep various kinds of aerators in your home bar to speed the rate of aeration process. The wine can either aerate in a glass or bottle. A decanter or a set of wine glasses can make an excellent gift for wine drinkers. Decanters need to be monogrammed for specific personal feeling.


Rearrange your wine storage

Modernity has come with numerous ways of storing, presenting and selecting wine bottles as there are distinct vintages to enjoy. Whether you take a bottle per day or after a year, there are different sizes and shapes for wine storage solutions that can satisfy your necessities according to your capacity needs and taste for style. An oenophile will always like to store bottles efficiently and fashionably.






Don't forget the art

For fine wine bar, always ensure there are different types of wine art in your place. These may include signs & personalized wine plaques, candles, wine corks art, canvas wall-art paintings, wall art, Tuscan décor, and vineyard art. That will make you covered and ensure your home bar remains a gorgeous place for people to enjoy and miss.