With the air beginning to chill and the holidays rapidly approaching, winter is officially on its way. While nothing beats a cool glass of wine on a hot summer evening, wine goes great with the cold weather, too! Here's three perfect ways to enjoy your wine this winter:

Mulled wineMulled Wine

Instead of hot chocolate, consider making mulled wine next time you're in the mood for a hot beverage! Mulled wine is simple to make: all you have to do is find your favorite bottle of red or white wine, and heat it in a crock pot for an hour or so with some spices. You can find a great kit for the mulled wine spices to make a hot wine tardy.


The longer you let the mead simmer, the better it will taste! For even better mead, consider adding a cinnamon  stick or two while it simmers.

Cook With Wine

Nothing warms your belly up better than a hearty, stick to your bones meal. Wine can enhance textures and make flavors burst when properly cooked with. White wines are perfect for cream sauces, and Burgundy wine pairs perfectly with tender cuts of beef tenderloin.

Pair With Christmas Dinner:

Christmas dinner, or other family-style dinners, are the perfect way to enjoy a meal while staying toasty. Make sure to perfectly pair your wine with the main entree:

  • Ham: pair with a sweet wine, like  a Zinfandel or a Riesling.
  • Turkey: turkey, with its savory sides, pairs perfectly with a nice Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Beef: the complexity of beef doesn't mesh well with white wines, so red wines are your best bet. Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz work especially well.