Gentlemen who know wine have refined tastes, which are attractive to women. There is probably nothing more romantic than having a candlelit dinner accompanied by fine wine. Nothing sexist implied here, because ladies this goes for you also. There is something incredibly powerful about a woman who knows her wine and pours it with a sense of panache.

Serving WineThe Art of Serving Wine


With fine wine, it is not only what wine is served, but also how it is served, which creates the best experience. This is called β€œthe presentation.” Just like masterpiece artwork is on display in elegant buildings instead of some rundown space, fine wine is best, when kept and served in elegant ways.

There are many wonderful accessories to make the wine experience world-class.


Some of the most elegant favorites include:


Premier Laguiole en Aubrac- Brown Horn Corkscrew - Handle comes from the horn of Italian buffalo. Made inFrance according to Laguiole tradition.

Pek VinoVault Professional Preservation Refrigerator - Holds 16 bottles. Open several bottles without worry of spoilage and enjoy wine by the glass.

Electropull Professional Uncorking Machine - If one really wants to impress, this sophisticated equipment is the kind used in wine-tasting cellars and fine restaurants.

Mozart Wine Decanter - Stylish. Made from hand-blown glass. Holds a full bottle of wine allowing aeration before serving.

The Clef Du Vin Pocket Professional - Improve the aging of wine instantly with this device made of precious metals. Each second it is dipped in wine, equals one year of aging.

Waxed Canvas Two Bottle Wine Carrier - Personalized with a monogram. Perfect for picnics or visits to friends.

There is the art of making wine, which takes years of dedication. There is the art of serving wine, which is easy to learn by anyone with the help of the best wine accessories.



PhotographerSteve Cukrov