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June 26, 2014

Find Your Zone

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As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, storing your wine at the proper temperature can be crucial. And, different types of wines have different requirements. Reds, like cabernet sauvignon, are ideally stored around 64°F, Riojas a bit cooler, whites such as Chardonnay a bit further down the thermometer, while Champagne and Cava thrive just above 40°F.

Storage Options are Unlimited With Today’s Wine Refrigerators

trilogydualFortunately, in order to keep your different wines stored at their optimum temperatures, the dual-zone refrigerator was invented. In these, you can store your collection at two different temperatures in the same unit.  Maybe set the bottom part cooler for the whites and so on…you get the idea. Of course, single zone units are a great option as well. Even if you combine reds and whites, they will be maintained at a stable temperature. Whites can be chilled further before serving. Then again, you could always buy two units and keep red in one and white in the other.

nfinity92We often picture a refrigerator as a big metal box. Fortunately, that stereotype is no longer true. Many wine fridges are essentially pieces of high-end furniture and some do not even appear to be refrigerators upon first glance. There are also stylish units with glass fronts to show off your collection so no matter what look you prefer, there is a refrigerator for you.

If you really want to see how a wine refrigerator can benefit you and your collection, try a little experiment. Take two identical bottles of wine, preferably one that is inexpensive. Store one properly and one haphazardly for a month. Now we don’t mean subject it to extreme conditions (like leaving it in your car for a month in the summer or winter), just a little warmth, a little sunlight, etc. Open both and compare. We think you’ll be surprised. It’s worth the sacrifice of a bottle in the name of wine education. We want you to enjoy your wine and the best way to do that is to learn how to make the wine drinking experience even better.


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