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September 9, 2013

Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glasses for Your Clumsy Wine Lover

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I got this friend.  Perhaps we all have this one friend.  Despite all attempts to ‘civilize’ him it just doesn’t take.  For starters, he buys his wine by the jug at twelve dollars per gallon.  Seriously.  And he pours it into a water glass. Now, I didn’t take too much issue with that considering what he was pouring into that water glass, but the wine enthusiast in me still cringed.  Then there was the Christmas present I got for him.  During my wine tasting adventures through California’s Napa Valley I brought home a case of Opolo Mountain Zinfandel and gave him a bottle. When I saw him pour that wine into a water glass that was it. I was on a mission.

I sought to instruct my friend on the nuances of wine; from tasting to knowing what meals to pair with certain wines. I think I made a dent.  However, he refused to drink from a stemmed glass. His outrage at the idea ranged from accusations that it is too effeminate to general clumsiness. On this, he wouldn’t budge. While the solution is easy enough, there are plenty of quality wine glasses out there without stems, it did get me thinking.


GoVino Shatterproof Wine Glasses


Wine culture is broadening. Wine tastings are no longer restricted to posh condos among professionals/intellectuals.  In fact, where I live in North Carolina there’s a gas station/bait shop that hosts a wine tasting every week.  There are people like my friend, who enjoy wine and want to learn more about fully appreciating it.  However, he detests the stemmed wine glass.  At certain events it’s just not practical to showcase your prized crystal sets.  As the face of wine culture shifts to younger and trendier folks who are combining backyard/rooftop cookouts with wine tastings it seems inevitable that the rise in stemless ware would follow.


The folks at GoVino have embraced this change and taken it even further.  Not only do they offer unique, award-winning designs, but their stemless is shatterproof and reusable. They’re produced from a food safe, BPA-free polymer that possesses the same characteristics as crystal; ideal for reflecting and bringing out the flavors of your wine.

Wine Glasses BulkGoVino Personalized Stemless Champagne FlutesGoVino Stemless Personalized Glasses





These elegant glasses are available in boxed sets of four and can go up to thirty-six or even seventy-two. The larger sets are a great solution for personalized corporate logo gifts, corporate outings, weddings, or other reception-type events with the option to add a logo to each glass, adding a personalized touch or a crafty bit of marketing – depending on the event. Wine glasses aren’t all that they offer either. They’re selection expands to decanters and champagne flutes and I hear a beer glass is on the way as well.

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