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March 3, 2017

Wine Candles for the Happy Wine-Loving Homemaker

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What happens to the bottle after a special wine is long gone? Some of us save them for a few years before having to toss them for lack of space. Others never even think to commemorate a special occasion by breathing new life into an old wine bottle. In fact, there are so many ways you can transform your vessel into a unique candle ready to display and admire in your contemporary home. Here’s how wine candle accessories let you hang on to the bottle you so thoroughly enjoyed drinking.





How can I turn my wine bottle into a candle?

If you really love the artwork on a bottle, or you simply want a low-cost arts and crafts project that’s both easy and elegant, turn an old bottle into a gorgeous oil candle. First, fill the clean bottle with your favorite lamp oil. Then, look to a crafts store or specialty wine shop for some wine candle wicks, which you can buy in bulk. Lower the wick into the bottle, light her up, and see your used bottle glow with amazement. For an extra special metallic addition, try a solid brass bottle candle wick.



What’s a cute countertop decoration for a wine lover?

Anything that integrates a signature wine bottle or wine glass makes the perfect décor. If you want to pay homage to your favorite drink, grab an old wine glass, wash it, and polish it to a sparkly clean. Next, put a tiny votive candle, tea light, or battery-operated candle in the glass. Finally, place an adorable wine glass lampshade on top. This novel setup is nearly effortless but totally impressive when you’re entertaining family or friends. It also makes a really thoughtful anytime present.





What’s a pretty wine themed candle gift for a birthday or holiday?

If you’re not looking to whip up a homemade design, rest assured knowing there are tons of ready-to-wrap candle gifts that integrate your loved one’s favorite spirit. A set of wine pattern lanterns are gorgeous for hanging inside or outside the home. They require no flame and illuminate brightly for a magical, colorful effect. You might also consider a unique wine topper candle holder for a charming centerpiece everyone will love. Just stick it firmly into the wine bottle, and you’ve got an instant candlelit display.







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