We’ve Found Rustic Chic in an Unexpected Space: Whiskey Barrel Furniture

Have you ever visited a craft brewery, distillery, winery, or some other place where spirits are brought to life? No matter your drink of choice, there’s no denying the warm, inviting charm of the barrels used to masterfully create the world’s best liquors. Contemporary tasting rooms have embraced their rustic appeal, converting old barrels into makeshift cocktail tables and other furnishings. So, for those of us who love all things whiskey, why not do the same?

Thanks to some clever artisans, you can now decorate your space with unique whiskey barrel furniture. Check out these ideas for bringing home an inspired piece of oak barrel décor.





What’s a popular piece of whiskey barrel furniture?

Although carpenters have been inspired to create a vast array of offerings, there are a few pieces that continue to impress. A gorgeous whiskey barrel coffee table is perfectly rustic with its exceptionally handcrafted design. Each piece is made to order and boasts an incredible distressed finish, quality oak top, and interesting barrel base. You can easily use this piece around a sitting space in the living room, as a focal point in the family room, or even as a conversation starter in your dedicated home bar space.





How can I create a home pub feel in my basement, dining room or patio?

If you’re renovating a room in your home into a place for drinks and entertainment, it’s not always about the bar. You can also bring the “wow” factor by providing guests with quintessential bar seating in the form of a whiskey barrel table and chairs. Designed after typical Irish pub décor, a large repurposed oak barrel serves as a high top cocktail table, while two reclaimed matching stools round out the set. You can even custom design its exterior, displaying your family name on the stunning finished wood for a personalized effect.





Are there any other unique whiskey barrel furnishings or accessories?

If you’re on the hunt for an interesting gift or just a statement piece for a room in your home, barrels have been recycled in quite a few unexpected ways. For a unique storage solution, a repurposed whiskey barrel chest makes a fun, fabulous addition to a bedroom, study, or living room. Thinking something smaller? If you love wine, a tabletop whiskey barrel bottle rack makes just as profound a statement.





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