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January 20, 2017

Need a Smart Home Accessory? Wine Racks are Stylish and Absolutely Essential

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Having proper storage is important to the serious wine buyer. When you invest lots of time, money, and energy into growing your collection, there’s nothing worse than losing an expensive bottle because it wasn’t stored properly. Wine racks are a solution to this age-old problem and also offer instant convenience for displaying your collection like the decorative art that it is. Here are some ways you can correctly store your wine at home using wine racks.




Is there any way to hang wine on the wall?

If you lack the space necessary to house your space-hogging collection, a home or apartment’s walls can be a surprising storage solution. A wall mounted wine rack can safely hold upwards of 10 bottles at a time. When hung vertically, its unique symmetry turns your collection into an instant wall art installation. You’ll even find mid century inspired wine racks with modern shapes and patterns. Find the perfect design to complement your home’s existing motif, and you’ll love showing off your proud mix of white and red. Don’t forget to search for the wall’s studs before drilling, as wine can by heavy!




What’s a large wine rack for my wine cellar or dining room?

For an ornate centerpiece you can showcase for all to admire, go big or go home. True collectors understand the impact of a quality wine jail rack, which can hold nearly 100 bottles of wine in the safe, proper position. These units retain a special antique charm that every homeowner aspires to capture. Best of all, you can even customize them with your initials for an extra special touch. If a ceiling high unit isn’t ideal for your space, remember that these stunning jails also come in a console version. You can pick up a wine rack cabinet that holds just as many bottles while staying relatively low to the ground. You can even decorate its wooden countertop portion with a few glasses, picture frames, books, and beyond. Don’t forget to choose your family initial for the perfect personalization!




What’s a portable wine rack that I can use throughout my home?

If you want to avoid any permanent fixtures, there are plenty of racks designed for transit. Try a lovely wrought iron table top wine rack with pretty leaf design. Pick from pieces that hold just one or two bottles to up to 10 for a larger dining room or coffee table. If you want to serve your spirit as well, a unique wine caddy with handle holds both the bottle and two glasses so you can take it anywhere! Whichever small wine rack you choose, have peace of mind knowing your precious bottles are safe, sound, and properly stored as they mature.




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