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December 14, 2016

Take Your Corporate Game Up a Notch With Stemless Glassware

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Are you looking forward to your company’s annual holiday party? There’s no time like today to start planning for the big bash, especially if you love topping yourself year after year. One of the most important aspects of any corporate shindig—whether it involves employees or clients—is the use of a signature logo. Decorating the event space with accessories in your name reminds folks of how much thought you’ve put into the celebration. Most importantly, this personal touch is a smart form of branding and advertisement, keeping them coming back for more.

This year, the hottest item for corporate cocktail hour eliminates pesky messes while infusing subtle sophistication that all will admire. Here’s all you need to know about this hit product—personalized plastic stemless wine glasses.



How can I make my corporate get-together extra special?

By incorporating your company logo in the event’s plastic wine tumblers, you guarantee maximum exposure. While banners and table tents are nice, they’ll never capture guests’ attention like food and wine will. Renowned brand GoVino recently released a complete line of stemless drinking glasses featuring a wide variety of fonts and colors so you can project the perfect branding message. With complete customization, you can recreate your company logo in a matter of minutes. Best of all, their crystal clear composition makes a great canvas for imprinting any image your heart desires.



How can I avoid breaks or spills when serving wine at my event?

From Christmas parties and backyard barbecues to a fancy black tie affair, no host can escape the inevitable spill. But how can you prevent wine glasses from breaking, thereby increasing safety for all? Luckily, there’s a completely new stemless wine glass comprised of shatterproof plastic [otherwise known as thermoplastic polymer resin]. Unlike expensive crystal or glass, the BPA-free material is affordable and endlessly durable. This innovative technology allows guests to enjoy the weight of a “real” glass without the risk of shattering it by accident. Attendees will notice your amazing attention to detail when they make a toast with your lovely corporate glasses with logo.



Should I choose stemmed or stemless glassware?

For a formal party, there are so many standards we strive to meet when it comes to the chic, swanky traditions of the corporate world. But if your company moves with the times, you’ll know it’s perfectly acceptable—if not appreciated—when you use stemless glasses. Guests always have a hard time juggling their cocktails, appetizer plates, and brochures while mingling at a company affair. A plastic glass with holiday message makes them smile, but more importantly, it makes them drink! When folks can gracefully grip your company wine glass, they’ll be sure to go back for seconds.





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