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December 9, 2016

Need a Classy Gift? Grab a Personalized Wine Decanter for the Perfect Pour

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When you envision the epitome of style, class, and “gentleman” culture, we often think back to 50’s and 60’s Americana. Every sophisticated man and woman had a stunning home bar setup, replete with quality spirits, glassware, and of course, a classic decanter. These elegant but practical vessels housed everyone’s favorite drink of choice, from wine to whiskey and beyond. Today, we can only try to mimic such everyday panache, but it’s much easier with a decorative bar setup of your own. Here’s some ideas for jazzing up your home with personalized wine decanters.





What’s the purpose of a wine decanter?

Besides its charm and sophistication, a traditional wine decanter is an actual aerating device. When constructed well, these carafes allow liquid to breathe, optimizing flavor and aroma for your sipping enjoyment. So, when it comes to wine (which is always transforming as it ages), you can see why a decanter is so integral to your bar accessory lineup. When you transfer a bottle of fine wine into a sommelier’s crystal wine decanter, you’re allowing it to oxygenate and reach its absolute peak condition.





What are some good ideas for a personalized wine decanter?

Since holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions should always be personal, a custom gift goes a long way. For the whiskey or wine lover in your life, a personalized wine decanter is totally unique and unexpected. But once you’ve found your ideal shape and choice of material (crystal, glass, etc.), what in the world do you put on it? For a super classy touch, the recipients monogram initials are a go-to option. Or, if you’re gifting a set for the entire family, proudly etch their surname across the bottle’s ample front display. You can even pay homage to a company name with font, logo, and plenty of other design choices. Just be sure to shop with a premium custom wine decanter retailer.





Are there any decanters besides whiskey and wine?

Although many vessels are multipurpose, you’ll also find versions specifically fashioned for a particular spirit. If you’re looking for something unusual, consider a vodka decanter set with carafe and matching shot glasses. Made of elegant crystal, the sleek collection looks lovely on a wet bar or dining room hutch. Remember that there are so many options, so be sure to browse other personalized items optimized in shape and size for red wine, scotch whiskey, and beyond.





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