wine-gifts-personalized-glass-coasters-cathy-s-concepts-sku3859-36For those of us in the corporate world, the holidays are all about impressing our best clients. But as we worry about finding the perfect gesture to convey our appreciation, we often forget about our most cherished employees.

As you shop for the perfect company logo products during the holidays and beyond, consider the following personalized gift ideas for a treasure they’ll never forget. Show your gratitude with corporate wine themed logo gifts that are ideal for both clients, employees, family, and friends alike.



What’s a thoughtful gift for my corporate employees?

wine-gifts-personalized-xl-barrel-aged-cabernet-home-wine-making-kit-thousand-oaks-barrel-co-perbrlxl-33When choosing a present for staff and coworkers, remember that they’ve probably seen it all. When you work in a corporate environment, bosses tend to give cliché gifts that put very little thought into the person’s likes and dislikes. For instance, instead of a boring bottle of wine, spice things up with a personalized wine trough. You can choose their family name, or pay homage to the company moniker. Either way, they'll appreciate a stunning cooler they can use time and again. To keep with the wine theme, a do-it-your-self customized wine making kit is also an exciting idea. Once they’ve aged their cabernet in the personalized wine barrel, employees can cork a few bottles and tote them in their custom leather wine carrier. No matter what you choose, all of these ideas are tailored to the individual, making them incredibly considerate.



What are some corporate gift basket ideas?

wine-gifts-the-chiller-bottle-and-ice-carriers-with-company-logo-72-pieces-epic-43378ib-311To start, find a container to place all of your carefully chosen items. Employees or clients will love a pretty corporate gift bag bearing your company name. When they look closer, they’ll realize it’s also an insulated wine-carrying bag! Inside, you can give each guy and gal one of your corporate logo wine glasses, a personalized wine flask, and their favorite bottle of red or white. There’s no doubt your themed gift will go over well with everyone.





What’s a special gift for a loyal employee?

wine-gifts-wine-luggage-for-6-bottles-with-logo-24-pieces-goodhope-bags-l73-35If you have a right-hand woman or perhaps a reliable man you’ve worked with for some time, then be sure to show your gratitude. Spend a bit more, and invest in a quality decanter with company logo. For those who drink wine often, you’ll even find personalized wine luggage ready to accommodate multiple bottles. No matter what you pick, always be selfless, and go the extra mile to show how much you appreciate their dependability.