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October 25, 2016

Whiskey Enthusiast? Now, You Can Age Your Own Creations From Home

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wine-gifts-american-oak-5-liter-barrel-with-corporate-logo-set-of-12-thousand-oaks-barrel-co-teq4570l-361Whiskey is making a major comeback among drinkers young and old alike. This age-old favorite is in the midst of its own renaissance with specialty bars and shops popping up with the sole purpose of whiskey buying and tasting. Now, scotch lovers can brew up their own unique creations from the comfort of home with a full line of oak barrel bootleg kits. For an amazing birthday or holiday gift idea, check out these offerings sure to deliver a sensational sipping experience.





How can I make whiskey from home?

wine-gifts-tennessee-whiskey-making-kit-with-oak-barrel-thousand-oaks-barrel-co-tenn-32While the traditional distilling process takes expensive equipment and tons of supplies, today’s drinkers have a much simpler solution. With your own bourbon or scotch aging barrel, you’ll enjoy a ready-to-brew kit with full instructions and provisions. For instance, a honey whiskey making kit teaches you how to cure the barrel, mix in the appropriate alcohol and essence, and easily age for enjoyment. No matter your experience, these DIY miracles make the process more than manageable.



What types of alcohol can I make at home?

wine-gifts-personalized-pirate-rum-make-your-own-spirits-oak-aging-barrel-thousand-oaks-barrel-co-tobb443-329In a quality white oak barrel, you can concoct nearly any variety of flavored whiskey, bourbon, scotch, rum, and more. So, if you’re not too keen on the powerful taste of a heavy whiskey or bourbon, you might try a fun Caribbean rum making kit. This unique all-in-one system makes it easy to infuse that sweet signature rum taste in any neutral alcohol. Simply bring your own spirit, add the kit’s premade essence, and follow instructions on how to finish.





What’s a nice gift for a whiskey lover?

wine-gifts-distillery-branded-white-oak-barrel-for-aging-liquor-thousand-oaks-barrel-co-dbwoaklg-362A do-it-yourself distilling barrel is always totally unexpected and appreciated. But if you’re in need for an extra special gift, go for a custom creation. A personalized oak barrel is gorgeous to display and is fully functional for making whiskey at home. The gift comes ready with the necessary stand, spigot, and laser-engraved personalized sign. Then, all you have to do is purchase some replacement essences and a bottle of alcohol, and the lucky recipient is ready to brew!



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