Stay Spooky this Holiday With Halloween Wine Bottle Stoppers

wine-gifts-owl-wine-cork-holder-true-fabrications-2351-37Getting excited for the Halloween holiday? If you love entertaining guests for a fun but classy get-together, then don’t forget to stock up on plenty of exciting accessories to accompany your wine tasting. Since every October party goes best with a glass of satisfying red or white, embrace these amazing Halloween bottle stoppers to bring the “wow” this season.





What’s a unique take away gift for my Halloween party?

wine-gifts-wiggle-leg-witch-wine-bottle-stoppers-set-of-3-ganz-77510-325Does your party integrate a fun costume contest, bobbing for apples event, or other rousing competition? Reward the most festive of your friends with a functional—and frightening—prize with a light up Halloween wine stopper. A classic Jack O’Lantern head is charming enough, but guests will also enjoy its illumination for their nighttime escapades. Similar gifts include a hilarious wiggle witch leg wine stopper, witch hat wine cork stopper, and other artfully designed holiday corks.





How can I jazz up wine bottles at my Halloween dinner?

wine-gifts-wicked-witch-halloween-wine-bottle-stopper-ganz-wwbd-317It’s always smart to open wine before folks arrive, giving the red or white time to breathe. Drinkers also appreciate when a bottle is ready to pour right at the table. Add to the ghoulish décor of your dining room table with a funny skeleton wine bottle holder. It’s creepy but endlessly cool, fitting the theme of a scary haunted wine tasting or other Halloween dinner party.





What’s a creepy way to amuse my Halloween party guests?

wine-gifts-halloween-wine-bottle-costume-ganz-eh17160-311Love to play pranks on unsuspecting ladies and gents? As visitors enter your perfectly decorated abode, they’ll stop in their tracks when they see your frightening light up eyeball bottle stopper. Available in various colors, these startling stoppers glow in the dark, so they’re perfect for a dim setting if you’re hoping to creep out a crowd. For a wine themed Halloween gift, you might even purchase a few more to give as presents for visiting adults. While the children collect their candy, your neighbors are sure to appreciate a good glass of merlot with their scary eyeball stopper.





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