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September 13, 2016

Check Out These Fun Wine Charms for Parties

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Wine drinkers know the classic party problem. You pour your favorite white or red, but amongst a sea of guests, you lose track of your glass by the end of the night. It’s hard to differentiate yours from the next, so what’s a vino lover to do?

For your next wine-themed party, consider a set of wine tags and charms for your guests’ labeling pleasure. These unique accessories let you add a personal touch to your glass, eliminating confusion and bringing a fun, decorative style to any event.



How can I mark my wine glass?

wine-gifts-glass-grapes-wine-charms-true-fabrications-612-39At kids’ birthday parties, people use a magic marker to label their less-than-classy plastic cups. But for your upscale gathering, you need a sophisticated solution for the same party predicament. Try an elegant option with a set of glass wine charms. These one-of-a-kind treasures affix to the stem of your glass and feature stunning wine imagery, including grapes, a corkscrew, wine barrel, glass bottle, and more. Visitors will never lose track of their drink once it’s decorated with a cute little charm.





How can I differentiate my wine bottles?

wine-gifts-100-wine-tags-cellar-set-w_-pen-oenophilia-sku1766-32If you’re growing a home wine bottle collection, it’s important to keep your supply neat, clean, and organized. Upgrade your cellar with a collection of wine tags for a fast, easy labeling solution. These perfectly sized tags hook onto the bottle’s neck and proudly display each bottle’s variety. From pinot and chardonnay to cabernet and merlot, you’ll grab the exact one you were looking for every single time.



What’s a unique wedding wine tag?

wine-gifts-wine-bottle-slate-chalkboard-bottle-tag-evergreen-sku4955-35Shopping for your rustic outdoor wedding can be endlessly entertaining. There are so many charming little touches to inspire your themed event, such as an adorable set of chalkboard bottle tags. These convenient labels let you guide bartenders and guests toward the red or white they enjoy most. Hang an erasable tag around each bottle’s neck, and pen a cute little message or title for your zinfandels and more. Party goers will absolutely adore your thoughtful wine décor, making serving a blast.





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