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August 1, 2016

Love Wine? Check Out These Amazing Holiday Cork Stoppers

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Come the holidays, smart wine drinkers stock up on a bunch of their favorite bottles to keep on hand during the gift-giving season. But showing up to a good friend’s party with a bottle of booze seems a little impersonal, doesn’t it?



Luckily, you can still embrace your enthusiasm for all things wine with some awesomely unique wine bottle cork stoppers. Featuring hilarious figures of Santa, Mrs. Claus, his cute little elves, and more, these Christmas gifts are sure to bring an unexpected smile to loved ones’ faces.



What’s a unique way to give wine for the holidays?

You may have a family member who absolutely adores a good chardonnay, or who constantly fawns over their favorite merlot. If you want to play to their interests for a truly meaningful present, think about jazzing up a bottle with a charming holiday wine cork bottle stopper.

Prepare a pretty gift basket with green and red tissue and ribbons. Then, gently display a nice bottle in the center. Before you’re done, add a hilarious “bottom’s up” elf babe stopper like this one. These crafty artisans take an ordinary cork, and with a little imagination, it transforms your wine bottle into a funny holiday scene. With gorgeous sparkly detail, the elf’s legs dangle high up in the air as if she’s falling down the neck of your pinot!



How can I use a wine stopper as a unique party favor?

If you’re planning a huge Christmas bash for friends and family, never forget the small details. Once you’ve settled on the menu, stocked the bar, and hung the decorations, set your sights on the perfect party favor. Give guests a token of your yuletide appreciation with a classic Santa Claus wine bottle stopper. For a truly special surprise, place the gifts on individual dining tables, and use them as practical toppers for the wine you’re serving.

When partygoers browse your thoughtful display, they’ll have a chuckle as Santa sits stuck in their wine—just like a chimney!



What else can I add to a gift basket for an elegant offering?

A holiday wine cork stopper makes an ideal small token, but what if you want to make this a big gift for mom, dad, or a sibling? There are so many ways to assemble a cohesive, quality present while still incorporating your humorous Mrs. Claus topper. Here’s the perfect plan.

Purchase an elegant basket, decorate with red, gold, and silver accents, and then prepare a wine, cheese, and tasting-themed gift. Alongside your novelty stopper, assemble a selection of aged cheeses, a knife set, bottle of white, and a gift certificate to your local winery. When that special someone opens up your considerate present, you’ll be so happy you went the creative route!



Check out other great wine-themed gifts for your upcoming holiday plans.



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