Wine lovers often neglect one of the most important accessories in the vino repertoire. In addition to your openers, aerators, chillers, and glasses, a quality wine towel does wonders to keep your table dry while acting as a multipurpose kitchen essential. Now, luxury wine shops are offering some gorgeously stitched cloths with meticulous embroidery and hilariously witty wine sayings. Whether you like sipping chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, merlot, or burgundy, these unique dish towels will be the perfect pairing.



How can I use a wine towel?

While it serves as a pretty piece hanging in your kitchen, a decorative wine towel also has practical appeal. Like any ordinary dishtowel, these cloths are specifically designed to sop up residual water forming on your bottle. Before you ready your pinot to pour, use a wine themed linen to wipe off its exterior to keep your kitchen tables, counters, or dishes clean and dry.



What are some unique wine towel designs?

While stunning imagery abounds, many of the most memorable wine linens feature amusing quotes and sayings having to do with all things vino. If your housewares are lacking style, you'll want to check out these ahilarious towels. With the perfectly quotable find, guests will enjoy reading about interesting wine facts and tidbits. For a thoughtful gift, you can even have them crack a smile with a funny wine towel to go inside a wine bottle gift basket.



What other nice wine towels will I find?

In addition to cloths with wine quotes and sayings, you can also outfit your kitchen with one-of-a-kind wine towels featuring the world’s most esteemed vineyard locations. An attractive Sonoma County wine towel will stun family and friends at your next tasting. Or, a Napa Valley dishtowel offers bold, beautiful colors and equally interesting design. Whether you drink wine or not, an Italy kitchen towel transports you back to the old country. From waffle weave to cotton, silk-screen, embroidery, embellishments, and beyond, durable linens from a quality wine shop assure years of enjoyable drinking.