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June 28, 2016

Shopping for a Wine Chiller? Compare These Classy Buckets

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Wine drinkers know that a superior sipping experience depends on a number of factors. Above all else, the temperature of your white or red variety can greatly impact how the palette reacts to its distinct flavors and textures. And since there’s nothing better than a cool, crisp sip of a gorgeous chardonnay, pinot grigio, or sauvignon blanc, it’s important to weigh the features of the many wine chilling devices at your disposal.

Here are some of the most popular cooler buckets and accessories on the market.



What’s a classy option for chilling wine?

If you’re hosting multiple dinner guests or want to keep a few bottles of wine close by, there are plenty of wine chiller buckets to choose from. Instead of tossing some ice in any old vessel, you want something that matches the inherent sophistication and elegance of a classic wine bottle.

Consider a magnificent stainless steel ice bucket in banquet size, which accommodates over 12 bottles depending on their shape. With double wall design, gorgeously brushed interior, and shiny exterior, dinner party decor has never been so chic and practical. Best of all, a specialty shop can personalize the chiller for an amazing holiday or anytime gift.



How can I keep wine extra cold?

Stainless steel has a naturally attractive appearance to complement every style of home decor, but it also boasts great insulation. Certain wine chiller buckets also come with a built-in lid replete with perfectly sized openings for each bottleneck. For instance, a four bottle wine bucket makes the perfect addition to the bar, buffet, or dining room table if you’re entertaining a crowd. When submerged directly in ice and shielded by a heavy-duty lid, bottles will stay perfectly cold for hours into the night.



What about other cool wine chiller buckets?

While stainless steel is a go-to favorite for chilling white or red, there are plenty of other style buckets that’ll add a unique touch to your next gathering. For a pretty display, consider a see-through acrylic bucket that magnificently captures light reflecting off bottles and their ice bath. Or, a stunning wooden wine trough brings a pretty rustic look to the party table. Want a fun surprise? Guests will laugh hysterically at a “redneck party” chiller bucket. Shop the right specialty wine shop, and you’ll find tons of options sure to meet your every need.





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