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June 14, 2016

Need the Perfectly Unique Gift? Check Out These Ceramic Trivets

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Wine enthusiasts aren’t just about collecting the red and white. When it comes to decorating your home, there are so many unique pieces that’ll commemorate your love for vino while still infusing a sophisticated feel. Whether you want to transport your guests to Tuscany or give an extra special gift, consider the benefits of a quality ceramic trivet.


All About Trivets


What exactly is a trivet?

Everyone has seen them, but unless you have one yourself, you may not know what to do with a trivet. As a kitchen essential, the trivet is typically used as a buffer between your home’s vulnerable surfaces and the hot plates you place on them. When you pull a casserole out of the oven, you never want to simply toss it on your granite or marble countertops! Trivets come in a variety of materials and are usually shaped and sized like a wall tile. Clever artists decorate the exterior with gorgeous paintings, sayings, and other imagery.



What type of trivet should I get for my dining room?

If you’d like a few pieces to protect your expensive dining room table, then look no further than the ceramic trivet. Ceramic is a strong, durable material, which is why it is so often used in luxury tiling. You’ll find charming old world images, rich wine-inspired colors, and absolutely delightful sayings. Imagine giving your best friend a “Shoes & Wine Make Everything Fine” trivet, or your mother-in-law the “We Only Serve Fine Wines…Did You Bring Any?” You’ll bring a sparkle to their eye and a laugh to their day.



Will ceramic scratch the surface of my coffee or end table?

Luckily, today’s ceramic trivets feature convenient cork backing to keep them in place and block surfaces against spills and condensation. So, they’re not only great for hot plates and serving bowls, but also for displaying your favorite chilled chardonnay or pinot! Check out an adorable “Sit Stay Drink” trivet with cute puppy picture. Or, for a classic Italian nod, select a witty “I Love To Cook With Wine. Sometimes I Even Put it in the Food” trivet. You can use them as drink coasters, coffee mug hot plates, or even as gorgeous ornaments to complement your existing décor.



So, next time you need that last minute gift, remember the often-forgotten ceramic trivet!



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