Wine enthusiasts know there are some complex challenges involved in caring for and storing a big collection. First, there’s the issue of properly placing bottles on their side to protect the wine’s integrity throughout the maturation process. Then, you also have the problem of space. If you don’t have the luxury of a home wine cellar, collectors need to come up with crafty solutions for keeping reds and whites safely organized.

If you’re looking for smart wine storage furniture but don’t want to spend a fortune, gain inspiration from some of these unique design ideas. With a little creativity, you can expand your collection without sacrificing living space.


Storing Your Wine on a Budget


What are some inexpensive wine storage ideas?

Oenophiles are well aware that wine accessories can cost a pretty penny. Who wants to waste their wallet on expensive temperature-controlled fridges, cabinets, or elaborate shelving when you could be spending it on a favorite bottle?

Luckily, you don’t have to. Anyone with limited carpentry skills and some patience can create a wine storage unit that looks just as charming and elegant as today’s most popular wine organizers. Keep an eye out for old shipping pallets or pieces of reclaimed wood. Like a basic window box, fashion a shallow rectangular container and secure it with a couple nails. Affix to the wall, and you have a gorgeous distressed shelf to house some bottles for display and safekeeping.



How can I add wine storage to my dining room?

If you don’t have the space or funds to purchase a striking free standing wine rack, worry not. Resourceful designers build custom wine storage racks and cubbies with little to no investment. Next time you’re at the local hardware store, pick up some large PVC piping. When cut to the size of the average bottle, ordinary plumbing supplies magically transform into the perfect wine slots! Arrange pieces in a fun sculptural design, glue together, and spray paint in a pretty color. Now, your vino can act as a stunning centerpiece while safely laying on its side.



How can I keep an extra large collection organized?

Have an old antique dresser sitting around the house? If not, pick one up at a yard sale, remove its drawers, and paint or stain the exterior to your liking. Use spare wood scraps to construct DIY wine racks with classic “X” design, and insert them into the dresser's drawer openings. With a little labor, love—and googling—you’ll have a dramatic piece of wine storage furniture to last the ages.

Remember: keeping a huge wine collection doesn’t have to cost a bundle! Stay creative, and you’ll save space while still growing your stockpile.