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May 1, 2015

Enjoy a Legendary Cocktail with a One of a Kind Moscow Mule Mug

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The Moscow Mule was not the first vodka cocktail — that honor goes to the Blue Monday — but the Moscow Mule has become the de facto vodka cocktail for many a cocktail enthusiast. The ease with which a Moscow Mule can be created (simply mix 5 ounces of ginger beer, two ounces of vodka and a splash of lime juice) is exceeded only by the refreshing taste. While their are many platitudes that can be lavished upon the Moscow Mule, true Mule aficionados know that you can’t drink this delectable delight without a copper moscow mule mug.

Why Is a Copper Moscow Mule Mug So Important?

moscow_mule_copper_mug  3186 hammered_moscow_mule

If you’ve ever scoped out a copper mug at a bar or lounge in person, you’d understand its popularity based on looks alone. Its unique shine and rustic features are at once traditionally classic and timelessly modern. Make no mistake about it, the copper mug looks cool, and it will keep your Moscow Mule cool as well, thanks to the copper itself. Copper insulates the Moscow Mule while you drink it, meaning the drink stays colder and the ice lasts longer than it would in a traditional glass.

The chilled vodka provides a unique smoothness to your cocktail that is enhanced by the tinny flavor that results when you press the copper mug to your lips. The subtle complexity the mug adds to the cocktail concoction speaks for itself. Once you have experienced a Moscow Mule in a copper mug, you’ll immediately understand why you have to get a Personalized Moscow Mule Mug of your own.

Actually, it might be selling the Moscow Mule short to suggest one is enough. After all, cocktails like these are best enjoyed with others, so find a romantic partner and enjoy a His and Hers evening with a splendorous Moscow Mule. You’ll be glad you did.

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