Stemless glasses and decanter are slowly taking over the market, so with their popularity on the rise it should be no shock that many wonder how why they've become a staple in the wine community. Although stemmed wine glasses are still a favorite for wine tasting, here's a few reasons as to why stemless wine glasses are becoming the new normal for wine enthusiasts.





Why Stemless Wine Glasses are becoming a Hot Commodity in the Wine Market

  • Durability - Stemless wine glasses are much more durable than stemmed wine glasses. The stem/handle of the glass breaks often and only exists to stop your hand from changing the temperature of the wine (which makes a slight difference in taste.) A big reason for the wine tumblers popularity is the fact that they're dishwasher safe, so they require much less care for cleaning and handling. Pair this along with the fact that they can be stacked on top of each other, you've got a durable glass suitable for parties ranging from upscale to casual.
  • Hip - They look incredible, no matter what beverage they're presenting. Being capable of making apple juice look just as appealing as a great riesling, a stemless glass can easily make a decade old wine look modern and stylish.


So regardless of what wine or beverage you choose to consume with them, it's safe to say that wine tumblers are here to stay. Being as effective for drinking as they are for providing style to a dinner setting, lining your cupboard with stemless wine glasses may be in your not to distant future.