When it comes time for harvesting, wine grapes selected for ripeness are still picked by hand. Nowadays, the grapes are loaded into plastic cartons and the cartons go on trailers pulled by tractors. In olden times in Europe, the picked grapes went into vineyard carts. Those wooden carts were loaded onto narrow wagons pulled by horses.

Beautiful wine furniture, made by 2-Day Designs, captures the look and feel of those vintage vineyard carts. This wine country furniture now has two exciting new finishes, vineyard and caramel, as well as the old favorite pine as optional choices for the different furniture pieces in this extraordinary collection.

Guide to Selecting 2 Day Designs Best Selling Finishes



Vineyard Finish on Oak Wood

The vineyard finish is unique compared to the other 2 Day Designs finishes.  It reacts with the chemical composition of the wood. On pine we get an almost cedar or heart pine look. On oak, in most cases, the vineyard finish turns black. Look at the oak stave legs on the round table in the photo above compared to the table top in this same photo which is made of pine. The entire table, legs and top, are all stained with Vineyard!  You'll notice the same wood type finish differences for the stave leg lazy susan that's on the top of this table as well.

2 Day Designs Vineyard Console Table in Vineyard Finish

Vineyard Finish on Pine Wood

The vineyard finish is medium dark brown looking cedar color, showing the robust wood grain with all its stunning complexities and color variations that combine for immediately recognized natural beauty. This is very similar to what the wood would look like to someone picking grapes in 17th-century French vineyards.

 159_wine_side_table_caramel_finishCaramel Finish

The caramel finish is a brown color with no reddish-brown as seen in the pine finish and lighter in appearance compared to the vineyard on pine.

It has golden overtones and intentionally visible rough-hewn saw cut marks that form interesting patterns across the wood face.

845 - Vineyard Cart End


Pine Finish

Pine wood is very light-colored before staining. It takes a stain easily so in this case it is also a medium dark reddish-brown colored finish. To create the unique look of being distressed, the wood surface has intentional markings and indentations. A distressed look is very popular because it gives the furniture the validity of looking aged (been used for a while), which is just like the aging necessary for fine wines.

The 2 Day Designs Collection has a Vineyard Cart Console Table, Vineyard Cart End Tables, and a Chef’s Kitchen Island (top and base may have different finishes) available in nine spectacular finishes including the three most popular are vineyard, caramel, and pine.

Please Note: Due to the unique nature of materials used in our designs, every piece will reflect its own personality. Variations can occur in color, texture, grain and final finished appearance. Since each furniture piece has its own characteristics, each piece is truly unique. These charming variations add to the originality and authenticity and should not be considered a defect or flaw.