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November 18, 2014

Old World to Modern Wine Storage – Protect Your Wine Investment

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Welcome to the sophisticated, delicate aging of fine wines. Learn the history and the modern solution.

Long ago, before the advent of modern conveniences, in order to age wines properly they went into storage in a wine cellar. This is because across the globe our beautiful Earth has one very consistent quality. When digging to a certain depth below ground there is a constant temperature. Surprisingly, this is the same in northern colder zones or in the warmest parts of the globe. In colder areas, the depth needed to reach this constant temperature is below the frost line. In hotter areas, it is where the temperature is much cooler than the surface. So lacking refrigeration, the only way to find a place of perfect temperature for keeping wine, was to dig down to find it. This is why they used wine cellars.

Wine Credenza Wine Storage Cabinet with Wine Refrigerators

Siena Wine Credenza with Wine Refrigerators


Nowadays, because of technology and electricity, it is possible to re-create these perfect conditions above ground. There is no need to dig a cellar to hold wine for aging. Instead, there are extraordinary wine credenzas. These beautiful pieces of furniture maintain the perfect temperature zone with a refrigeration system set for exactly the best temperature for aging fine wine.


Living in a modern high-rise luxury apartment, fabulous mansion, or in a penthouse condominium creates the necessity for a magnificent wine refrigerator credenza. These credenzas are so beautiful and the wine bottles are always close by. The bottles do not hide in some dark, dusty cellar for so many years.




Anyone who invests in fine wine knows it needs keeping in a safe and secure environment. With wine that improves with aging, it demands a delicately refined surrounding that maintains constant temperature suitable for keeping the wine. A wine credenza is a must-have for a true connoisseur.


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