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November 25, 2014

How to Decant Wine with a Wine Aerating Decanting Funnel

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Gently passing wine through a wine funnel is a technique used to prepare wine for better enjoyment. The process is simple; pour the wine from the bottle through the wine funnel into another container used for serving the wine, then wait for a time.

Royal Selangor Bacchus Wine FunnelDecanting wine is especially important for older red wines because it removes sediment. For younger red wines, this process softens them. The results are an improvement in clarity, more robust bouquet, and a smoother finish. White wines slightly benefit from this process, especially if they are overly tart in taste. There is no harm in pouring white wine through a wine funnel.

Traditional methods of decanting a red wine using a wine funnel to remove sediment, then allowing it to “air” for twenty minutes, may actually work better than rapid methods of using wine aerators. Aerators are convenient, just like using a microwave, but there is some sacrifice in taste, as a trade-off for convenience. The key to this process is to add air to the wine, but also add the correct amount of air. Just like spice, this is a matter of personal taste.


The exceptional wine funnels are those, which are aesthetically beautiful as well as functional. Some of the most exquisite ones are the designs called Bacchus Wine Funnel, Archimedes Wine Funnel, Royal Selangor Tracery Wine Funnel, and Cascade Wine Funnel.

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