Lazy Susans make it easy to share food amongst diners. There is none of that bothersome passing of dishes back and forth between the guests. Just spin the wooden Lazy Susan to have a serving from the dish of your choice.  Useful and decorative in nature with custom designs that allow for personalization.

History of the Wooden Lazy Susan


No one knows if there ever was any particular woman named Susan or if she was lazy. The name is descriptive of convenience. The use of the Lazy Susan in America became popular around 1900 as a way to serve food more easily without needing so many servants. The idea was that food served using a Lazy Susan was a more communal experience.


Another benefit of using a Lazy Susan was that without a servant nearby, no one except the diners heard the conversations. This allowed completely private discussions while dining together. The ever-practical Henry Ford used a large Lazy Susan when he went camping during the 1920s. In this way, he could bring plenty of guests and take along fewer servants.



Contemporary Uses with Wine Corks




Lazy Susans are popular in Chinese restaurants. A Lazy Susan conveniently allows serving many choices from a variety of tasty dishes all at once. In the home, using a Lazy Susan along with complimentary serving trays is a wonderful way to share a meal. They are perfect for serving wine with bread, crackers, fruits, and cheese.


A clever design uses an assortment of wine corks, all neatly placed in circular rows, which has a clear cover to make a solid serving area.




Old World Wine Barrel Head Lazy Susans




There are attractively designed ones that look like wine barrel tops. It is nice to personalize them with family names or intricately carved initials.   Besides circular Lazy Susans, another type slides on a rail for use on rectangular-shaped tables.


Personalized wine barrel Lazy Susans and serving trays make a great gift.