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October 17, 2014

When Do You Give Out Groomsmen Gifts?

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Groomsmen gifts have a historical significance. This comes from medieval times, when the bride had to be “won.” This meant physically fighting for her, where the groomsmen helped the groom in the fight. Then the bride needed safe transport to the wedding ceremony, while bringing the treasures of her dowry. The original groomsmen fought alongside the groom to win the bride and then served as the bride’s armed escort to make sure the bride arrived at the wedding ceremony with both her virginity and dowry intact. Passage on the roads in those times was rife with danger, so the groomsmen were a necessary security measure.


When Do You Give Out Groomsmen Gifts?



There is no hard fast rule about when to give groomsmen gifts. Most prefer to give them before the wedding. It is probably not such a great idea to give groomsmen gifts at the bachelor party, because if there is plenty of cavorting and drinking and so on, it is likely these groomsmen gifts will be lost in the shuffle. The one exception is, if the groomsmen gifts relate to alcohol use. If they relate to drinking in any way, they find immediate usefulness at a wild, raging bachelor party.

The best time for most is to give the groomsmen gifts at the rehearsal dinner. Everyone is working together to practice the ceremony. Groomsmen gifts are a great reward for all the groomsmen who show up and do a good job at the rehearsal.


Great groomsmen gifts are made better with personalization. Examples are personalized whiskey glasses, custom groomsman barrel, liquor flasks, monogramed whisky decanter, and wine openers. Engrave them with the initials of the groomsmen. Another best selling groomsmen gift theme are cigar gifts.

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