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June 10, 2014

Wine Barrel Furniture: Functional Artwork

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If you’ve ever visited a winery, chances are you saw rows of stacked oak barrels, each filled with fifty or so gallons of some unknown nectar being aged until just the right moment. Using an ages-old design, each of those barrels was constructed by artisans known as coopers. Though they come in several sizes, each barrel is made up of pieces of wood known as staves. These staves, which have been shaped into a bulging cylinder, are held in place by metal hoops. A flat, circular piece of wood caps each end.


By the way, here’s an interesting fact for you. Ever wonder why a barrel bulges in the middle? Its shape is designed so the barrel can easily be rolled when on its side. The curved design allows the barrel to be spun easily to control


Though barrel building is an ancient art, an actual wine barrel has a relatively short lifespan. As a barrel is used, the main benefit–the oak flavor it imparts–decreases to the point where it is non-existent. (Think of a piece of chewing gum.) When that happens, the barrel essentially becomes a neutral storage vessel. The wine might as well be stored in flavor-free stainless steel, which lasts longer and costs less.


After being used for a few years (the number varies but the average is around five) barrels are disposed of by wineries. Unfortunately, many end up cut in half to serve as planters. Imagine a barrel that once stored a glorious cabernet now serving as home to a bunch of geraniums! That’s better than the barrel being merely thrown away but there is a better option: made to order wine barrel furniture.

Furniture craftsmen have discovered a wealth of possibilities with wine barrels. Now, tables are being made from full barrels, chairs are constructed from staves and

wine-gifts-round-stave-end-table--2-day-designs-sku2314-313much more. After all, these barrels are made from durable and beautiful French or American oak, a traditional material for making fine furniture.


Think of it as a great way to recycle and pay homage to you favorite beverage. And, you get a beautiful and unique piece of furniture for your wine cellar, breakfast nook, bar, or wherever you like. We’ve got a style and size for every taste or budget. Below are just a few of our more popular models:







Some of the recent additions to WineVine Imports’ ever-increasing furniture line-up include tables with a unique way to add storage. Why waste the space inside a barrel when it can be made into shelves or, better yet, a wine rack? Check these out:
















We can’t say enough about how beautiful this handcrafted furniture is. And, somehow, the wine just seems to taste a little better when seated at a table that might once have been its home!

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