When some people open a bottle of wine they’re determined to finish it, for one reason or another, no matter what. For some, including me, it’s because there isn’t any suitable way to preserve the wine in its bottle overnight. Believe me, I’ve tried. No matter how much I’ve wedged in that cork or how expensive the stopper, nothing works. By the next evening the wine’s taste has already begun deteriorating. Not mention that I have to pull it out of the fridge in time to come close to room temperature.


Then I came across this ingenious concept from Scott Tavenner that solved this aggravating problem. The Savino, a carafe with a lid, is an all in one solution to preventing wine from spoiling without the hassle of transferring wine from one container to another over and over again all for the sake of preserving it.






Simply pour the remainder of the bottle into the carafe, fasten the lid, and it’ll stay for up to seven days. The Savino employs a floater that provides a seal between the wine and air which prevents the oxidation that ultimately spoils wine. When you’re ready for more just pour from it as you would from any bottle. The floater tilts enough to allow for easy pouring and settles back to provide that seal from oxygen.

Perhaps equally important is that the Savino is an elegant piece of glassware, resembling the shape of the original bottle. It’s slender, classy and not all intrusive should you leave it on the table during your meal.

Savino Carafe PersonalizedFrankly, there are many methods and dare I say procedures that have been marketed toward wine preservation. Some of which require advanced degrees in chemistry or engineering to actually implement or at least an unhealthy obsession with wine. Whether it’s a balloon devised to push the oxygen from the container or using another gas to replace the oxygen -- I’m not interested in any of these complicated solutions to this particular problem. And that’s why I’m so delighted with the Savino because of its simplicity, elegance, and best of all – it works. I’m not alone either. This product is praised by critics in the Chicago Tribune and Huffington Post, to name a couple, and numerous customers are standing by with pre-orders now that I’ve added the Savino to my inventory of wine accessories.