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August 17, 2013

How to Keep a Wine Glass Cool

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Beer drinkers have their koozies.  Most liquor will do fine with some ice and a cocktail napkin.  Meanwhile, your glass of chilled white wine warms up and sweats.  This dilemma faced Julia Sherron as she relaxed with her family during a beach trip on the North Carolina coast.  Like many ingenious ideas, her solution was so simple.  Why not wrap her wine glass up in a modified koozie?

An insulator for your wine glass – Woozie® – is a perfect way to maintain the temperature of reds and whites as well as to avoid holding or clutching (depending on how many you’ve had at this point) a wet glass.

Sherron and her team have since developed an array of options to ‘outfit’ your wine glass to protect wine from all temperatures.  Whether your wine glass is stemmed or stemless, acrylic, or crystal, Woozies will keep your wine at the temperature it was intended to be enjoyed.  You can choose from a variety of patterns and design schemes for those wine tasting gatherings as a way to personalize your glass among the rest.  The patterns vary from paisley to safari (for those themed get-togethers) or mono-colored (yes, there is black for the guys).

Perky Paisley Blue WooziePaisley_Bottle_koozie_pink

The Woozie can add a touch of creativity to the practical need of maintain the integrity of your red or white; while under the relentless sun on a boating excursion or next to a warm fire on a chilly autumn night.  You can plan your next gathering or wine tasting with a set of themed prints or pick out woozies with fun sayings for when you want to make your get-togethers really fun!

Fun WooziesAt_my_age_Glasses_woozie_2sport_wine_woozie

In whatever setting you enjoy your next glass of wine, thanks to the ingenuity of Julia Sherrod and her team, now there is a way to keep your wine chilled or keep it from chilling with style and flair.




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