Storing your favorite wines can be a challenge.  Whether you’re a casual drinker or a committed enthusiast you still have to deal with where to put the bottles.  One of my relatives tends to keep his bottles cluttered on his kitchen counter (at least out of direct sunlight) eliminating that space from doing what it’s supposed to do – which is not wine storage.  Even the causal drinker wants to impress friends at dinner parties with a knowledgeable method of securing their wine from the elements in a tidy and tasteful manner.

First, here’s a quick reminder of things to consider when deciding on your storage space – Light, Temperature, and Humidity.  This brief overview of those important conditions of healthy wine storage is tremendously helpful -- from Bordex Wine Racks.

Wine Storage Tips

1. Light

A cellar should be as dark as possible as wine is badly affected by light. Light can cause undesirable chemical reactions within the bottle and often spoil the wine. UV light can cause hydrogen sulphide compounds to develop in wine. Therefore, the ideal lighting conditions for a cellar is no sunlight and all lighting (globes and tubes) to be UV FREE.

2. Temperature

If you intend to mature wines for 5, 10, 15 years or more, temperature is the single most important factor of wine cellaring. Constant temperature is crucially important. Temperature changes (especially rapid change in temperature) cause corks to expand and contract, allowing air to enter the bottle. There is no surer way to create oxidization of the wine and thus render the wine undrinkable. Suitable temperatures for storing wine are between 11ºC to 17ºC but several degrees either side of this are safe.

3. Humidity

It is crucially important to monitor humidity within the cellar. The ideal humidity level for wine is between 62.5% and 72.5%. Most wine cellars suffer from lack of humidity (especially air conditioned cellars), which leads to corks drying out, shrinking and eventual wine leakage and oxidization Placing some warm water in a large tray on the cellar floor can help treat lack of humidity.  A very high level of humidity (say too long a time at above 75%) will cause labels to fall off and; if there is no/low level of air movement, will cause mold to grow on corks and labels. Mold is devastating for wine. Therefore, an ideal environment for wine not only pays attention to temperature control but also ensures air flow and humidity control.


 Wine Storage Racks by Bordex

 Bordex Wine Racks

Once you’ve designated an area in your home for the wine to be stored the next step is choosing an appropriate wine rack.  After all, you don’t want the bottles sitting on the floor or in moldy boxes, only for you to have to sift through them like dusty record albums.  A wine rack is the only solution to storing your wine as well as displaying it for easy selection.  For the enthusiasts who’ve invested in wine cellar storage, we have several options to perfect your display with innovative stackable wine racks that can hold up to 120+ bottles.

Wine-Vine Imports is proud to recommend Bordex, an Australian based manufacturer, for their elegant and innovative solutions to proper wine storage.  Each product is carefully crafted, using sturdy hardwoods and ‘baked enamel steel’.  They rely on twenty years of experience in safely shipping their quality racks to virtually every corner of the globe.  Whether your needs are commercial or residential, these unique and tasteful wine racks are the perfect solution to your wine storage needs.

Bordex 120 Wine Rack, Wine StorageBordex One Meter Double Sided Display Rack Kit

These selections from Bordex Wine Racks can accommodate just about any sized collection.  From mere twenty-bottle display kits to the more elaborate multi-tiered displays racks (many of those commercial wine racks are sought after by restaurants) – your wine storage solution is right here.  Be sure to take advantage of our Free Shipping on several of our wine storage options.