On a recent wine tasting trip to Willamette Valley, Oregon, I learned a great deal about Pinot Noir and picked up on a few other things along the journey.  A close friend of mine from my high school years now lives in Portland Oregon. She works for KEEN Footwear an outdoor footwear company.  Carie showed us around the great city of Portland, the Keen Office and retail store.

We were impressed with this new wave called “upcycling.”  We all know about recycling products but this concept is a bit different.  Upcycling doesn’t take the used product back to a simpler form--it actually creates a better product with the used material.

A great example would be my friend Carie’s purse which was a skateboard cut in half and attached to fabric along the sides to make a purse.  The Keen Footwear office building had office tables made from brightly painted used car parts.  Portland seemed to be full of art that when closely inspected was all produced from previously used products.

The whole upcycled products concept excited us.  We have so many gifts and furniture pieces that are made using this concept.

Check out some of my Favorite Upcycled Wine Gifts

Eco-Friendly Wine Rack – Sofa Springs

Living in today’s green conscious world we should all try our best to recycle and take care of the environment as much as possible. Artists and craftsman are focusing efforts on this trend of reusing material rather than burying it in our landfills.  One metal work artist of North Carolina upcycled sofa springs into attractive wall mounted wine racks.  Who would have thought that the springs inside the cushions of your sofa would one day store wine in such an artistic way? The design is simple, yet attractive and makes for a great conversation piece in your home.



Wine Bottle Cheese Board –Melted Wine Bottles

Slumped glass is another popular upcycled wine gift.  Artists are able to melt used bottles into a variety of home decor.  Slumped bottles are used to create bowls, wine bottle cheese boards, hanging wall art and even melted glass flower vases!

One of my personal favorites is a personalized cheese board.  A shopper can customize a wine bottle label with their name, variety, vintage (special date) and region (place of marriage or new home).

Once the label is created, the artist adheres it to the bottom side of the melted wine bottle.  The label goes on the bottom of the see-through bottle so that you can use the top for serving appetizers or cutting without damaging the label.


If you do not want to use the wine bottle cheese board for serving, some will set this piece of upcycled art on a plate stand or hang on the wall for display.


It’s a popular anniversary, housewarming and wedding gift.  These flattened wine bottle cheeseboards are a  life-long memory piece that can be passed on from generation to generation to commemorate any special occasion.



Wine Barrel Furniture –Oak Wine Barrels

A large portion of furniture we see in store windows today are constructed of new wooden frames, plastics and manmade fabrics.  Most of these products are not produced of sustainable materials.  They keep our dependence on oil high and our carbon footprint large. Let’s introduce some unique products made of recycled oak barrels –ALL handmade in the USA!

Barrique Bistro Table, Oak Top Barrel Bistro Table and Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table are a few examples of popular Wine Barrel Tables.


5 Bottle Wine Rack, Lazy Susan Tray, Genuine Barrel Head Lazy Susan are other popular wine gifts made from recycled wine barrels.

Leather Top Swivel Stool, Barrel Head Stave Stool and the Stave Back Dining chair are a few examples of popular Wine Barrel Chairs.

As you can see, these creative woodworkers are producing one-of-a-kind designs of home décor and barrel furniture.  The use of recycled oak barrel staves allows the craftsman to produce some truly unique pieces. These furniture pieces take a variety of stains and finishes very well, giving you many options to match your home decor.

Please share with us your favorite upcycled furniture and gifts.

by Guest Writer Adam Kristofco