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November 12, 2009

Top 10 Wine Gifts Priced Under $25

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Take a peek at our stocking stuffer gift ideas for your wine enthusiast. Christmas gift ideas under $25.00!  These are our most popular gifts early shoppers are buying for their loved ones. The holidays are fast approaching. It’s never too early to start shopping. Skip the craze of store shopping and shop online.

Great Gift Ideas for Your Wine Lover

1.  Wine Light Flame Protector Set

A wine gift that recycles a wine bottle and turns it into a wine candle. Lamp oil is not included. You can buy a bottle of lamp oil at a local store for about $2-3.00. Our wine bottle oil lamp gift idea is a best seller! One year there was an ice store up north. Power was out for weeks. We had many orders for our wine bottle oil lamp flame protector gifts set. They can stay lit for hours!



2.  Melted Wine Bottle Serving Bowl

Another ecofriendly wine gift idea! An artist recycles wine bottles intoMelted Wine Bottle Bowl usable bowls. You can set your melted wine bottle serving bowl on the counter to display your fruit, use it as a serving tray, dipping bowl or cigar ash tray. This wine bottle bowl comes in two sizes. Be sure to order the oversized melted bowl early. These sell out frequently. This bowl is made from a  Jeroboam bottle which is equivalent to four bottles. It is huge!

3.  Mulled Wine SpicesWine Mulling Spices

Wine country’s secret blend. Infuses wine and cider with fragrances of flowers and herbs.

Directions: 1 bottle of any red or white wine, 12oz. water, Brown sugar to taste (1/4-1/2 cup) 1 Wine Country Mulling Spice bag. Remove card from spice bag leaving cork for flotation. Put ingredients in crock pot. Simmer slowly; do not boil, for at least an hour – the longer the better.

4.  Not a Margarita…But a Wine-A-Rita

A perfect and refreshing blend of wine and a frozen drink. The mix is oneWine Glace Wine Drink Mix flavor and may be blended with your favorite red or white wine. Try Merlot for a full bodied drink, White Zinfandel for a lighter taste, or a fruit wine for a sweeter treat. The options are never ending. For a non-alcoholic drink, mix with fruit juice, we love the blends in the refrigerator section.

5.  Wine Journal with Label RemoversWine Journal Tasting Notes & Impressions with Label Removers, Contemporary

Use this wine journal as a guide, a record book, and an organizer—an all-in-one album for wine lovers. Enjoy your wine!

• Sections for reds, whites, and specialty wines
• Quotes that celebrate wine throughout
• Envelope with 15 wine label removers

6.  Wine Bottle PuzzleWine Bottle Puzzle

Do you need to get a gift for a person who has just about everything? Wine puzzles make a great gift for your wine enthusiast. Not only does our puzzle make a great converstaion piece, but it is great for a rainy day at the beach or wine picnic game. Test your logic and ingenuity by taking a stab at our wine bottle puzzle. Should be solvable even after a few glasses of wine!

7.  VinoAir Wine Aerator

The VinOAir Wine Aerator takes 3 of our best wine accessories – wine aerator, wine pourer and dripless stopper and creates 1 great wine tool.

How does the VinoAir Wine Aerator compare to other aerators?

The vinOair was tested by several San Francisco Bay Area chefs/restaurantVinoAir Wine Aerator owners prior during its development. TheVinoAir scored high in all blind taste tests and was a favorite over the currently best selling Vinturi due to the ability to leave the aerator in the bottle and not risk drips on the table as the aerator is moved to another glass ­ and it was not necessary to hold the aerator steady over either a glass or a decanter. The VinoAir also scored high marks over the Nuance Wine Finer based on the speed of pour ­ the Nuance is much slower. The solid food grade plastic of the VinoAir was found superior to the silicon of the Nuance as it did not retain any aroma from the pouring.

8.  Wine Friendship Plate

Handcrafted in the USA from Statesmetal. This lovely wine friendship plate says:
As this plate passes between friends think of the warm message it sends. Like the fruit of the vine mellow and sweet, good company and good wine just can’t be beat.


9.  Santa & Reindeer Plush Stemware Coasters

Drinkwear…. for the foot of your glass! Santa & Reindeer Plush Stemware Coasters

Set of two Stemware Coasters with nifty straps keep them firmly attached to the bottom of your glass while you wander and mingle. Slip a wearable coaster onto the foot of your glass, it will stay with you as you mingle, protect your tabletop and identify your glass…with style.

You can use them for wine, martini, Pilsner, hot chocolate, coffee and margarita glasses.

10.  Wine a Bit, You’ll Feel Better Flag

Wine a Bit Applique FlagWave our best selling wine flag outside your house. This fun wine flag gives great advice. Wine a Bit Applique Flag is double sided.

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