How To Install A Wine Barrel Sink

Barrel sink with mirrorNot only do I drink wine, but I also own a building company (and no… I don’t mix them).  But I have installed the Wine Barrel Sink furniture piece in a bathroom before. It looks fantastic! I set it on stone tile from Turkey which compliments the finished barrel tones. I even personalized the Cask & Crown Mirror, with the year the house was built, and hung if over the sink.  Doesn’t it look great?

Tips for Installing the Wine Barrel Sink

1.)  Measure your door opening.
Make sure the wine barrel sink can fit through the door opening. If the door opening is too small, check with your trim carpenter and see if the door casing can be removed to squeeze the barrel into the room. If you are building a new house and plan to put the barrel sink through a tight doorway, order the Wine Barrel Sink furniture piece early. This way you can put it inside the room during framing.

2.)  Rough-In Plumbing for Barrel Sink; New Construction
Once your framing inspection is approved and plumbers are on-site; they will ask for rough-in plumbing location for your Wine Barrel Sink furniture piece. I ordered it early. So, they had it on-site to figure out the measurements. You can wait and order your Wine Barrel Sink furniture piece for final trim out. If you decide to wait, let your plumber know the valves will be located in a 5” area that is 17” – 22” off the finished level of floor (meaning measure from the top of tile or wood floor).

3.)  Widening the Plumbing Opening in the Rear of the Barrel Sink
I suggest you hire a trim carpenter to complete the barrel modifications.  Note the manufacturer’s opening for plumbing connection to sink is too small.


You’ll need to widen the opening to fit the plumbing.  Once the barrel is at your job site have your trim carpenter measure locations and compare to opening in back of barrel. Cut barrel as needed to fit your plumbing. You’ll also need to cut the barrel’s inside shelf to accommodate the pipe.


Last thing you have to do is enjoy this great wine barrel sink for years to come!

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