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March 26, 2016

Wine in the Skies: Traveling Connoisseurs Celebrate the VinGardeValise Petite Debut

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There’s nothing like a vacation centered upon everything wine. Whether traversing Europe or flying across country to the vineyards of sunny California, wine tours make an ideal escape for enthusiasts. But once the tastings end and you’re headed back to the real world, don’t you wish you could take a glass of paradise with you?

One of the Safest Way to Travel with Wine on Airplanes

Well, wine collectors have grappled with this question for decades. If you’re spending a bundle on global travel in pursuit of your favorite red and white varieties, you need a safe, reliable way to transport your precious goods back home.

How can I bring wine on a plane?

airplane_wine_luggageEnter the VinGardeValise and see current VinGardeValise coupon codes in our website banner ads. This hard-shelled wine suitcase (yes, wine) revolutionized airplane wine travel. The heavy-duty TSA-compliant valise looks and acts like an ordinary spinner-style suitcase. But when you open it up, the model features custom foam inserts that snugly protect up to 12 of your various bottles. Best of all, travelers can totally remove the wine cavities and convert the product into typical luggage for clothes, accessories, and more.

While the VinGardeValise02 remains wildly popular, the brand is now offering a smaller, more discreet model to meet the diverse needs of wine travelers.

What is the VinGardeValise Petite wine suitcase?

This new version of the original wine spinner suitcase makes journeying with wine much more convenient. With smaller dimensions than its parent model, the VinGardeValise Petite Ultimate Wine Carrier meets the standards for most airlines’ carry-on rule. The durable carrier includes the following features:

  • Sturdy Retractable Telescoping Handle
  • Top & Side Soft Double Grip Handles
  • Concealed Interior Steel & Heavy Plastic Supports
  • Protective Corner Bumpers
  • Top-of-the-Line Polycarbonate Shell
  • 3” Density Foam Inserts & Modules for up to 8 Bottles
  • External & Interior Protective Burst Straps
  • 4 Superior Quality Hinomoto spinner wheels
  • Heavy Duty Zippers With Attached Pulls

Like before, the Petite’s incredibly versatile design means users can customize the interior. Feel free to swap out inserts or remove them completely to use this piece as regular luggage.

It’s important to note that many airports won’t allow liquids passed through security. Still, you can opt for a selection in the duty-free shop if you want to use your case as a carry-on. Also, the Petite’s compact size means you can only fit bottles up to 12.5” in height. On the up side, the specially designed inserts accommodate wider Syrah, Chardonnay, and Pinot bottles.

Overall, VinGardeValise’s Petite rolling wine suitcase is built to last and makes transporting your vino totally safe and convenient. And with its amazingly efficient design, you can’t go wrong. Cheers to wine airplane travel convenience! See our website banners for current Vingardevalise discount code.

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