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November 30, 2015

Why People Love Wine Bottle Carriers & Glass Carriers

Why wine bottle carriers and glass carriers are a hit among the drinking community.

As great as wine – and wine drinking – is, there’s still room for catastrophe… especially when traveling along with fragile wine drinking items. Traveling to share wine with friends or loved ones can easily be dashed if the glasses – or wine bottle itself – breaks during the commute. As transporting a glass or a bottle by itself may not present too many complications when traveling by car; traveling abroad is a completely different story. With this being said, here’s a look at wine bottle and wine glass carriers.

leather_2_bottle_wine_carrierWine Bottle Carriers Travel

So regardless of how you decide to travel or transport your wine bottles or wine glasses, a wine carrier is the safest route for lugging around your goods. Keeping your wine bottles and glasses safe, a carrier not only saves time spent carefully hauling luggage… but the need for replacements in worst case scenarios.

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